Aella Blaze

So earlier today I got a Twitter DM, now usually when this happens it’s either auto-generated messages activated when you follow an account or they are spam, but this time it was someone who actually had something to offer. In this case they wanted to see if I was interested in their services as a graphic designer.

Now I was impressed with what they could do, but unfortunately for them, we have our own in-house graphic designer, Tori B Bearly, and they’d be very cross with me if I outsourced our design needs. That being said, Aella seemed nice, and as I said, having taken a look at some examples of their artwork I felt they had something good to offer people, so I offered to write them a little promo piece instead. 

So you can reach out to Aella if you are in need of a competent and efficient graphic designer, for making Logos (for your brand, channel or page), and banners to go along with those logo designs.

They also make emotes, which are adorable, and so if you are a big Twitch streamer in need of something like that then look no further.

They offer a quite nice range of services aimed specifically at streamers, so if you want to make the leap from hobbyist to professional, you might want to hit them up for designs for sub badges, intros, overlays, animated emotes, and anything else that can give you that smooth, polished streamer look. I really like their design style, it focuses on nice, strong and clearly defined lines, and they manage to turn their hand to a variety of images and concepts, showing a nice fluid range to their design work.

So if you are interested in hiring Aella as a graphic designer then head on over to Twitter, where you can message them.

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