Food Review: Lewis Capaldi’s Big Sexy Pizza (Various Flavours)

It can be said with some degree of truth that the content and structure of my blog is very mercurial, it would be easy to blame my ADHD for this, and to an extent that’s a contributing factor. But largely I want to keep creating interesting, fun and unique content, and as editor-in-chief, a role that I both gave myself, and happily accepted, I am free to be as selective, random or unpredictable in terms of the content I pursue. It is with that mindset that I bring you the focus on today’s review.

Literally as soon as I heard that Lewis Capaldi was bringing out his own line of pizzas I knew I’d be reviewing them, and clearly I am becoming predictable because no less than four separate people in my life sent me a link to an article about the pizzas because they knew it’s the type of thing I want to make content about. 

For those of you who do not know who Lewis Capaldi is, first off, what has gone wrong with your life that you’re finding out about the existence of one of Scotland’s most talented young musicians on some terrible blog’s pizza review? Secondly, let me quickly fill you in on the highlights. 

Lewis Capaldi is a Scottish singer/songwriter and musician from Glasgow. He first surged to popularity with the release of his single ‘Bruises’ in March 2017, the song very quickly gained traction, amassing close to 28 million plays on Spotify worldwide, making him the fastest ever unsigned artist to reach over 25 million plays on the platform. 

Over the next couple of years he went from strength to strength, being named one of Vevo’s DSCVR ‘Artists to Watch 2018’, winning Best Acoustic at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, supporting Rag’n’Bone Man on his European tour and being named as one of two acts in BBC Radio 1’s Brit List, guaranteeing him three successive incremental Radio 1 playlist places just to name a few. He continued to grow in popularity, and in March 2019 his single ‘Someone You Loved’ reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart, a position it retained for seven weeks. That same track also won the 2020 Brit Award for Song of the Year.

So those are just some of his career highlights, but now we move on to a new venture The Big Sex Pizzas, currently there are two different ones available, The Big Sexy Cheesy One and The Big Sexy Meaty One, and you can purchase the pizzas either from Iceland (and The Food Warehouse) or Tesco. The price is around £5 (with Tesco selling it £1 cheaper). Which is pricey I know but as you’ll soon find out, the quality is easily worth the price. 

Anyway, I’ve found that I’m drawn to celebrity produced products, I guess I’m just curious to see if they actually put any effort in or not. I’ve tried the wine from both Post Malone and Kylie Minogue, and you can read my thoughts on those here and here respectively. But something that has become sort of a trend here, is that considering our roots and overall focus as a music blog, that alongside any review of a musician’s new product I also do a review of their music, fortunately I’ve already talked about Capaldi’s music on the site before, when I reviewed ‘Someone You Loved’ back in October 2020 to celebrate his 24th birthday. So you can feel free to check that out here, and I can get started with the review of his pizzas properly. 

The Big Sexy Cheesy One

Thomas: So first off, the crusts are really good. I’ve found that unless it’s stuffed with cheese or something that people don’t really like their crusts, but in my opinion I think every good pizza starts with a good crust, and Capaldi certainly delivered with his. The pizza base and crusts have a nice chew and consistency to it, and just the perfect amount of crunch, without it being too much. The sauce is tangy and fresh and very flavourful, with a nice herby mix that livens it up without overpowering it. The various cheeses on this pizza not only work really well together, because they are incredibly creamy and flavourful, but they also blend really well with the richness of the sauce.
Tori: This was so tasty from the first bite, the sauce especially was amazing, a vast improvement over every other oven pizza I’ve ever had. It’s clear a lot of effort went into making this so good, it’s a world apart from all the overly sweet or acidic tomato bases you find with store bought pizza. This one is far more mild, and you get the lovely mix of cheese, which gives the pizza such a fresh taste. The crust is soft enough to eat with ease, and it hasn’t gone soggy either which is always a plus. 

The Big Sexy Meaty One

Thomas: So immediately this sauce was richer, and maybe even a little spicier than the sauce on the Big Sexy Cheesy One. It’s not better or worse, just different, which I like because it makes both pizzas more unique and worth trying. The toppings on this were incredibly varied, very good quality and there was plenty on there. I can’t say I know Capaldi personally, but it doesn’t surprise me that his pizzas are just packed full of flavour and toppings. Getting one big bite with everything (or almost everything anyway) on it is very rewarding, because the mixture of meat flavours and textures, the thick sauce, and the creaminess of the cheese, all pack a punch that’s really worthwhile.
Tori: I liked the sauce as well, I found it spicy, and felt it had more in common with a nice barbeque base, than a tomato one. I think the various different meats really worked well together, there wasn’t a part of the medley of meat, sauce and cheese that didn’t work, and while it was packed full of toppings, it wasn’t overloaded. The only issue I can think of is that for whatever reason, this one ended up being crispier than the cheese one, but both were super tasty. 

Final Notes
Honestly, both of these were so super good that I’m having a hard time picking a favourite, so instead I’ll just say they are both supremely high quality and that it will depend on what mood you’re in, which you’ll prefer. Either way you’re in for a good meal. Also I really loved the designs on the box, the whole thing from the pizzas themselves, to the marketing, to the branding, all are not only really awesome but they seem so totally Lewis Capaldi. You can also check out the advert for the product by clicking here.

You can find out more about The Big Sexy Pizza range on Instagram or via their website. Also you can follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with him or check out his website

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