Drink Review: Jack and Victor Blended Scotch Whisky

So before we move on to the actual review, I just wanted to talk a little bit about the story behind the whisky. First off, the titular Jack and Victor, who are they? They are of course, the pensioners from Craiglang, as seen on the hit BBC series Still Game (and in several sketches on Chewin’ the Fat).

Like the majority of the people in Scotland, I’d say I was a huge fan of Still Game. I mean I grew up watching Jack and Victor’s hijinks, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than a couple of years without re-watching the series. So It was a very bittersweet moment when I watched the final episode ‘Over the Hill’ when it aired back in March 2019. Unlike when the show went into its extended hiatus back in 2007, where they left the characters alive and well, this had a note of finality to it. I mean they literally had the characters pass on, so there’s not a great deal that could be done. I mean it didn’t stop them from doing one last live show, but although I missed seeing Still Game Live: The Final Farewell, I’m led to believe that even then the characters were present posthumously.

In the final episode *spoilers ahead* Jack and Victor endeavour to climb Ben Lomond, the most southerly of the Munros in the Grampian Mountains. They’ve planned to do this for years but always seem to find a reason not to go ahead with the trip, and in this episode right up until the last kick it appears as if they’ll bottle it, something which is not out of character for the pair. Eventually, however, they do ascend the peak, and as the credits roll, Jack and Victor, as well as all the main cast excluding Boaby the Barman, just fade away. It was a surprisingly poignant ending for the show, and as I touched on above, it also conclusively tied things off. No more Still Game. 

Sure there’s probably still interest in it, and Greg Hemphill has talked about how he’d be more than happy for some young writers to pitch and write a prequel, with Jack and Victor as young men. But I think either way we got a satisfying conclusion. 

Anyway, Jack and Victor are known for liking a drink, and other than their homes in Osprey Heights, the place they probably spend the most time is The Clansman (a.k.a Jenny’s) which is the only pub in Craiglang, the fictional area of Glasgow where the show is set. So I think it’s a touching tribute to two auld pals that like a tipple, that Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill who play Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade respectively decided to bring the boys back in spirit, pardon the pun, by releasing this Whisky.

So I think that just about covers it. I’m also planning on trying the gin at some point, but I prefer whisky so I thought I’d start there. Speaking of which, let’s get on with reviewing the wee dram!

Jack and Victor Blended Scotch Whisky
First off, the aroma. It has a nice nose on it, very clean and sharp. Tori B Bearly, who doesn’t even really like whisky, thought that it had a pleasant enough smell. In terms of flavour, it’s really nice, I think the aroma really sells the flavour. It’s not overly harsh, and you end up with that pleasing warmth that comes with whisky. I think that after the initial sharpness fades, there’s an almost tangy quality on the palate. Now full disclosure, I’ve been a whisky drinker ever since I was 18, and over that period of time I’ve tried plenty of different whisky, I’ve even reviewed a few, as you can see here. But much like any celebrity endorsed or produced product I’m always wary that it might just be a cheap attempt to cash in on their image, reputation or the good will they’ve built up with their fans, but in this case I honestly believe they’ve produced a high quality and great tasting product. I fully intend on grabbing a second bottle for Christmas, and in the meantime I’m going to try to make my current bottle last, but honestly it’s so good I doubt it.

You can grab some of the Whisky, or Gin for that matter, for yourself by head on over to their website, and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with Jack and Victor. 

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