Food Review: Wispa (Various Flavours)

Wispa is a chocolate confectionery product produced by Cadbury (who are in turn owned by Mondelez International). It is an aerated chocolate bar, which means that the chocolate has been turned into a foam via the addition of gas bubbles during the manufacturing process. 

Interestingly enough the aeration process was invented by Rowntree’s, a British confectionery brand based in York, England. Prior to 1988 when Rowntree was taken over by Nestlé, they were also responsible for making the Aero, another aerated chocolate bar, which was actually seen as a direct competitor to Wispa.

In 2003 Cadbury temporarily removed Wispa, instead bringing out another aerated product known as the ‘Dairy Milk Bubbly’ which was a moulded bar of chocolate similar to the rest of the Dairy Milk products, instead of a whole bar. However, helped by an internet campaign, the original product was eventually returned to the shelves in October 2008. 

I think it’s fallen out of vogue somewhat, but apparently the official tagline for the Wispa products is “Time Well Mis-spent”. I think that’s probably enough background information for now so let’s move onto the review.

So I used to not like these for whatever reason but now I cannot get enough of them. They’re super chocolatey and because of the aerated bubbles, have a really lovely consistency. It breaks apart really well, and the super fine bubbles make it devilishly creamy.

So this has everything you like about the original or classic Wispa bar, the lovely consistency but with a blend of rich, sweet caramel that adds in a deep heaviness that balances well with the creamy milk chocolate.

Gold Hazelnut
So this combines the best part of both the previous versions, it has the milk chocolate that’s sweet and moreish, and the deep caramel as well adding in a delicious punch of flavour. But adding to that as you may have guessed is a pronounced Hazelnut flavour that really ties together both of those elements into something that’s incredibly rewarding and tasty. It’s definitely far more pronounced than I was expecting, very strong but it really works, leaving a smooth, earthy aftertaste.

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