Food Review: Rubicon RAW (Various Flavours)

Rubicon RAW is an energy drink made by Barr’s, the soft drink manufacturer based in Cumbernauld, Scotland. I’ve talked about Barr’s previously on the page, and you can check out my thoughts on other products here

As you can probably gather if you clicked the link above, I’m a big fan of what Barr’s has on offer, especially their most popular product Irn Bru. But, I’m going to be completely honest with you, I didn’t even know that Rubicon was owned by Barr’s, however a quick bit of internet sleuthing (reading the Barr’s Wikipedia) has told me that Barr’s purchased the the exotic drinks company back in 2008 alongside the Taut sports drink range.

Rubicon released their new range of energy drinks, Rubicon RAW back in February 2021, this range boasted 20% real fruit juice, as well as natural caffeine derived from green coffee beans. I was lucky enough while attending ACME Comic Con in Glasgow back in September to be able to visit the Rubicon Raw booths scattered all around and get so many free samples, which really helped me while doing my duties as a press pass carrying member of the media. 

I think that’s all I’ve got to say right now about the company, so let’s move on to what I thought about the product down below.

Cherry and Pomegranate
This is so refreshing, in a sweet, sugary way that makes me think of candy almost. Also this might entirely just be a synthesia thing, but I swear it really tastes pink. So the flavours present really linger on the palate, not in a cloying way, but just in the way that really strong, rich and robust flavours often do. I like how it almost unfolds as you sip it, first you are hit with the sweetness, and then the more full bodied flavours of the fresh fruit juice wash over, and once that leaves you are just left with a crisp heaviness that demands you drink more. Overall though I think the fruity sweetness and lightness and the other side, the darker, heaviness both balance each other out quite well.

Raspberry and Blueberry
This one has a really crisp, refreshing taste, upfront there’s a heavier note that’s most likely from the raspberry which is counterpointed by the sweeter, more effervescent notes of the blueberry. It’s so fresh and flavourful, but it does cling to the palate just a bit too much.

Orange and Mango
Anything with Mango is invariably my favourite flavour combination, and this one does not let me down. It’s smooth, rich and sweet, with a lovely fruit juice blend that adds a distinctive punch to the whole thing. The mango comes through very strongly, it has that very authentic, almost syrupy quality but not in a way that’s off putting or overly sweet. I think the lighter, sweetness of the orange helps to offset the depth of flavour of the mango, introducing a soft citrus note, and the overall result is incredibly tasty. 

Apple and Guava
This is such a powerful and potent flavour, it’s probably my number two, right behind Orange and Mango. The apple is sweet and tangy, and almost sour, which when combined with the deeper notes of the guava, makes for something pronounced that hits the palate hard, and creates this complexity of flavour, and some subtly sharpness. Overall it’s tangy and sweet, and it is heavy on the palate, but isn’t overbearingly so.

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