Food Review: Razorwire Energy (Various Flavours)

Razorwire Energy is a brand of nootropic energy products, I’ve previously talked about Nootropics on the site before, and you can check that out here for a more in depth discussion on that but Razorwire make a range of low calorie, water-soluble powdered energy drinks. In addition they also make a line of lightly carbonated 500ml cans.

They are similar in scope and product to Sneak Energy and G Fuel, who I’ve reviewed previously and you can check that out here and here respectively. But while Razorwire offers a range of products designed to boost your energy, focus on concentration, and that is similar to their competitors, I do feel that each company has their own style & branding, level of quality and flavours and they are all worth trying on their own merit.

This one is sweet, with a deep, tart and very pronounced cherry flavour. It’s both smooth and almost syrupy in quality. It’s rich, and flavourful without being overpowering. 

It has a really rich, invigorating aroma that is backed up by a big punch of flavour. It’s tangy and sweet and yet surprisingly light on the palate. I love tropical flavours, and this one is a nice mix, it’s quite complex so it’s hard to ascertain exactly what’s in the medley, but I can detect some pineapple, but otherwise it all blends together into a really nice tasting drink.

It hits the palate with a strong, tartness that blends into a deeper, complex sweetness. You pick up the headiness of the berry flavour, and it’s just so invigorating and mouth watering. It’s very close because they are all really great tasting, but I think this one is probably my favourite, and that’s largely because it took a flavour that I’m only so-so on and made me really enjoy it. 

I think that the watermelon is very light on the palate, it has an overall richness and tang which gets you salivating and urges you to drink more. I think it can be quite hard to get watermelon right, it’s sweet and it’s popular but I often find that real watermelon is never quite as bright or as prominent as the artificial flavour makes people think. However Razorwire succeeds in producing a smooth and tasty watermelon flavour that doesn’t rely too much on just sweetness. 

This packs a lot of flavour into it. Now when making these powders I usually add less water than the packaging recommends, so that I can get a full assessment of the taste experience without it being overly diluted but purely by accident I added more water than was recommended and despite that the flavour was still quite prominent. The apple is strong and sweet, and kind of reminds me of the Cider Flavoured sparkling water, made by Ocean Bomb, the one that’s in a Pikachu Can. It’s very pleasant overall, perhaps just a touch too sweet, but otherwise very appealing. 

Sweet Lemonade
As the name would suggest this is more of a lemonade than just a lemon flavoured drink, it has none of the overbearing tartness or sourness of an actual lemon, instead it’s just the palatable sweetness that you get from a good lemonade. It’s overall a very pleasant drink, just smooth, and light and refreshing.

If you want to grab some Razorwire Energy for yourself then head on over to their website, and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show support and so you don’t miss the latest deals and information from Razorwire Energy.

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