Food Review: G Fuel (Various Flavours)

G Fuel, often stylised as G FUEL is a caffeinated drink mix, which entered the market in 2012, and is sold by Gamma Labs, which is based in West Babylon, New York. When it was first released G Fuel only produced a variety of flavoured, water-soluble powders, although they have since expanded the product line to include cans and caffeine-free ‘hydration’ flavours.

G Fuel is similar to Sneak Energy which I’ve reviewed previously and you can check out here, and Razorwire Energy, which will probably be going up alongside this one, and you can check out here

G Fuel is targeted as a supplement for gaming, which is supposed to boost focus and reaction time, in fact some of the flavours I’ll be reviewing below are produced in collaboration with gaming personalities and/or esports teams.

Star Fruit (Inspired by Butters)
So this one has a really soft, tangy flavour, one which lingers on the palate nicely and has a similar note to something like Sunny D. It’s pleasant, and sweet without any harsher, more overbearing flavours. It’s just sweet and refreshing.

FaZe (inspire by the FaZe Clan)
This one is very light and sweet, it also has a tangy note, something citrus, and it reminds me of Fanta Lemon. It’s the right palace of sharp flavour and sweetness to make it tasty without crossing the line into being cloying. 

Blue Ice
A cool flavour, with a nice tartness that works really well. It’s not as sweet as the previous two flavours I’ve tried but it does have a faint heaviness on the back of the palate that I’ve come to associate with caffeine.

Shiny Splash
So this is super great tasting, a little heavy on the palate, with a lovely blend of citrus and berry, the result is something that’s tangy and sweet and very refreshing. 

Ragin’ Gummy Fish
Wow! This one really smells of Swedish Fish, which isn’t surprising considering that’s intention but it’s amazing how well they captured the aroma. Now, in terms of flavour, it’s smooth, and sweet and mirrors the taste of Swedish Fish quite well. It’s exactly like drinking the fish-shaped chewy candy in liquid form. It’s very tasty overall. 

Hype Sauce
This one is very fruity, you get a strong hit of berry, which fades out to a tangy, lemon infused flavour. It’s really moreish, especially if you happen to be partial to citrus flavours. I think this one captures lemonade really well, while still presenting something different due to the berry notes mixed throughout.

If you want to grab some G Fuel for yourself then head on over to their website, and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show support and so you don’t miss the latest deals and information from G Fuel.

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