Tradewinds Oriental Shop

So I discovered Tradewinds Oriental Shop about three months ago, they are a family run business based in Scunthorpe who have been operating since 1984, starting off they initially just sold a small range of Chinese foodstuffs, but as they grew and developed over the years they expanded to cover a variety of items including Food, Drinks, Kitchenware and Furniture from all over Asia, including but not limited to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

They have a thriving business available online and in-store, and their inventory in both continues to expand regularly, with over 5000 items currently available for purchase.

I’ve only ordered online thus far, as I am located nowhere near Scunthorpe but the service I’ve received has been superb, everything has been packed quickly and efficiently, In fact the last order I placed was around 10pm on a Wednesday (If I’m not mistaken) and it was packed in the morning of the Thursday and delivered promptly on the Friday. Speaking of which, my past few orders have been reasonably big, and full of lots of little things, but there have been no mistakes, and the one time that they were out of a specific item they immediately contacted me to organize a suitable replacement or refund for the cost of the item. 

They also make sure everything is nice and secured to avoid any bumping or whatnot during transit, specifically in my first order I purchased the M-150 Energy Drink and the Lipovitan-D Energy Drink, which I’ll be reviewing in due course, but they of course come in glass bottles and so they were double wrapped for maximum security which is greatly appreciated. 

Now I haven’t yet bought any of their bigger ticket items, although they have some truly gorgeous furniture items you should check out. But what has surprised me about Tradewinds Oriental Shop, more than the sheer range of items, more than the care and speed with which items are packed and dispatched was the affordability. As I said above, each of my orders was a decent number of items, and yet for what I ended up with, I really didn’t end up spending that much. I will say, I went heavy on the instant noodles for my past couple of orders, and those tend to be on the cheaper side of the scale, but nonetheless for what I want, I’ve been able to get a considerable amount of items at a very reasonable price.

So factoring all of that, it’s clear why I am recommending Tradewinds Oriental Shop for an impressive range of items to suit all needs and tastes. A true 10 out of 10 establishment that I’ll be sure to use for years to come.

You can visit their store by clicking here, and also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date.

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