Tokyo Toys

So I always enjoy a trip to Tokyo Toys, it’s a fantastic geek emporium just up the road from Glasgow Central meaning it’s conveniently located to drop in on when you just get off the train and still have all your money.

The staff in there are always happy to help, or even just have a chat. In fact the last time I was in I had a conversation with a really nice guy who works there about how Dragon Ball GT isn’t as bad as everyone says and how it totally needs some love. But on my most recent trip, I was helped out by Blair and Kevin who were both a great help.

So as soon as you enter, to your right (unless you entered walking backwards in which case on your left) there’s a drink freezer, which has a solid range of drinks including various flavours of ramune and milk tea, but as anyone who has check out the Caffeine Diaries will tell you, I was drawn to their great selection of energy drinks. They also have a assortment of Asian snacks, which I cannot recommend strongly enough.

I usually do these kind of like a tour, where things are laid out as they would be when you enter the store but I was so impressed with the library of Manga that I want to jump to that now. I mean they really have everything from light novels, to one shots, to serialized volumes. They’ve got your standards like Dragon Ball, Bleach and One Piece but they’ve also got interesting little titles like Pretty Boy Detective Club, I am A Hero and Ran and the Gray World.

I don’t know about you but something I’m looking to get back into is a trading card game, I’m leaning more towards Yu Gi Oh because of fond memories of playing it as a kid. In fact I’ve recently bought a new deck so that I can duel Joe from American Munchies. But whether you like Yu Gi Oh or Pokemon, Tokyo Toys have a nice selection of packs to build and enhance your game, as well as neat card holders to keep them on safe.

Not only can you build a deck for your trading card game but Tokyo Toys also let you play, so you can test your mettle against veteran and novice players alike.

They have some really awesome posters, and I’m gonna pick up a few next time I’m in as we are in the process of redecorating and could use something new to bring the room together.

Tokyo Toys have a frankly massive range of items so for the sake of keeping this readable as I really could go on for hours I’ll break the things into a few main fandoms. So if for instance you are into Dragon Ball you can grab everything from plushies, to Funko Pops right through to key rings and Bags.

If you’re more a fan of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu then likewise get yourself a huggable, squishy pocket monster of your very own or some figurines or a really nifty new bag.

No matter what your interest is I have to imagine that Tokyo Toys has options for you, from big things to small things and everything in between.

Last up, check out my video tour of Tokyo Toys.

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