Static Games

I love Glasgow. I love games. And there’s no greater synergy of those to aspects than Static Games. It’s just a wee bit further outside of the main City Centre than I usually go when shopping but fortunately during a birthday outing, Joe from American Munchies was nice enough to take us and it instantly became one of my favourite places.

It has a truly impressive range of board games, trading cards and miniatures and they were also super okay with me bugging them with questions and taking pictures so that makes me like the store even more.

So yeah as I touched on, Static Games, really is a one stop shop for the table top gaming aficionado, I mean Tori and I work as Games Demonstrators with Asmodee and even we were surprised by the breadth of games on offer, including a few that I’ve been searching for.

I mean they’ve got options for the more casual board game player like Codenames (a few different versions in fact), Uno (which is always a fan favourite), Story Cubes (which we’ve posted a game demo for) and Ticket to Ride just to name a few.

They also have games for people comfortable and familar with the table top gaming, and who are looking to invest more time into it, such as Settlers of Catan (more than one version, which is cool), Arkham Horror (which I strongly recommend) or a nice game of Diplomacy (which I’ve never completed).

No matter what you’re searching for there’s a good chance they’ll have it, just follow the Yellow Brick Road, answer the Goblin’s riddles and you’ll leave with a handful of swag that’ll make you the envy of all your friends.

As well as all of that, they’ve got a pretty sweet range of Manuals/Guide Books for running your own roleplay campaign, whether it Be Call of Cthulhu, Vampire the Masquerade or just plain old D&D you’ll be DMing in style with one of these.

last but most certainly not least they have some awesome Battletech and Star Wars collectibles/figurines which remind me I’m only one or two impulsive purchases away from not being able to pay my rent this month, and that my desk would look a lot better with an X-Wing on it.

Last up, check out this video tour!

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