So we’ve been meaning to pop into Om! for a while now as it’s in the perfect catchment for Tori and Lilian who are both practicing witches. In fact Lilian runs her own holistic business called Bewitching Health and Beauty, and you can read the post I wrote about that here. But I only managed to finally drop in a few weeks ago and it was a lovely experience.

We had the pleasure of being served by Jake and Sam who were both super polite and helpful and up for a chat as well as to tell me more about the store and its products. The New location has both an upstairs and downstairs, so make sure and check out both so that you don’t miss out on anything.

So every witch needs their ingredients, and I know Tori was immediately drawn to the fantastic range of herbs and the like available in Om!

Speaking of which, while not a practicing witch or pagan, or anything like that I am a spiritual person, and I do love a good stone, having something tactile on my person like that always makes me feel better. And you need look no further than OM! for a super range of gems, stones and rocks to suit any need, temperament or desire.

Something we go through a lot of in our house are candles and incense, between Tori performing rituals, keeping the place smelling nice, and me lighting a candle while I’m working we’ve usually got a couple burning away on any given day so I’m sure to be back for a re-stock soon.

If, like me you are interested in finding out more about witchcraft and other spiritual pursuits, and unlike me you don’t live with someone who practices to answer all your questions then look no further than Om! who have a nice library of books for your pursuit of knowledge.

If you are already pretty wise about these things or if you just want to jump in at the deep end then why not check out these items, like Tarot Decks and Tea Leaf Reading Kits.

You can also find a whole brand new look with the clothes available in store.

Why not round off that new look with some Jewelry, as Om! has a great range to suit any style.

So you are kitted out in all of your new stuff, it’s about time you beautify your space, don’t you think? Om! have a huge range of things big and small to transform your home. I am particularly partial to the small wooden box with the moons on it myself, what about you?

Last up, check out this video tour of OM!

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