So I’ll admit I don’t travel up to Ayr much, being located in Kilmarnock it’s cheaper and just as quick to head to Glasgow if we have the money and fancy a shop. However because Tori B Bearly is currently studying graphic design at Ayrshire College and most if not all of their media based courses are taught out of the Ayr Campus we’ve been in Ayr a lot more lately.

We were in Ayr a few weeks ago and happened upon Boom! which is located on 2 Fullarton Street, a short walk from the high street and just round the corner from Wellington Square. Today I’m gonna take some time to tell you why you should check it out.

First off the staff are super friendly, we had the opportunity to talk with Ewen, and he was helpful and more than happy to answer our questions and just chat. So what is Boom!? It’s basically a boutique Geek shop selling a wide array of items from a plethora of fandoms. Also make sure and mind the Boom House Rules so that everyone can have a good time!

If you are a fan of Harry Potter (Potterhead), if you know where Harry got the name Hedwig from, if you’ve already been sorted on Pottermore and you’re still waiting for your letter to arrive, then you’ll love their Harry Potter section, which has a nice mix of items for fans of the Boy who Lived.

Maybe you’re a fan of classic movies? I know I’m getting the Creature from the Black Lagoon picture next time I go up. But there’s plenty for a film buff.

Having just recently binge watched Ms. Marvel I’m in a bit of a Marvel mood, but whether you’re a Marvel or a DC fan they’ve got plenty for everyone.

I love anime and manga, I’ve practiced my Kamehameha and tried to go Super Saiyan, I’ve searched for Hollows, wondered how I’d beat a Titan and I’ve craved a Devil Fruit. So it’s nice to see a robust anime section.

Tori is a huge Disney fan, she affectionately calls me Gus Gus cause I’m sweet and cause my T-Shirts don’t fit. But if you like Disney, then come on down.

With Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Mandalorian we are truly living in the new age of Star Wars entertainment, so get involved. Also I am totally getting the Grogu pancake maker when I next get paid.

They keep a nice stock of what’s hot and trendy, whether it be Stranger Things or Game of Thrones. And they also have some cool things from shows I completely forgot existed like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

They’ve got plenty of clothes too, make sure and grab something so you can literally where your interests.

Something that was cool to see that’s not always available even in similar types of shops was the Warhammer stuff.

On top of all that it’s also just a really nice space, It’s well decorated, and even though it’s a bit cosy the space is well utilised.

So last up enjoy this video tour of Boom!

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