Avery Dixon, is a 27-year-old crafter from Ayrshire, they are a member of a Kilmarnock based LGBT+ community group, Unity League, a teaching assistant at a primary school and are a summer school teacher with Edinburgh Zoo. Today I want to talk to you about their business, PuppyBandits.

Avery started PuppyBandits about 4+ years ago, and they specialise in making handcrafted plushies, they accept commissions for a variety interests including fandom characters, Fursonas, Originals characters and pretty much anything else you would want to be made into a plushie. 

I can personally attest to the quality, versatility and speed at which Avery is capable of making their plushies. In fact, as a gift a year ago, Avery made plushie versions of myself and Tori B Bearly, which were totally awesome.

Prices vary upon specific requests and complexity of order but rest assured Avery is a very competent creator, and will endeavour to have items completed and posted off as soon as possible after the order. If after 3-4 weeks you’ve not received your commission then you can feel free to message to page with an update.

When ordering, especially if you are requesting an original character, or someone who has a variety of outfits or styles, please provide specific references and specifications so that they can best fabricate your commission.

You can make commissions by reaching out to Avery via the official PuppyBandits Facebook and Instagram. They currently have a website, and over the next few weeks plan to open a SumUp shop to facilitate taking orders. I encourage you to make your first order today!

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