Okay, first up before we actually get into things, I need to state up front that I am in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Mistplay or any of its subsidiaries. In fact I don’t have any sponsors, so if you’re interested in a fair and honest review of your product and/or service feel free to throw me a little sponsorship money.

Right now that we’ve got the disclaimers out of the way, let me tell you a little about Mistplay, it’s basically a way to earn rewards, such as gift cards by playing a variety of mobile games. All you need to do is download their app, and check out the wide selection of games they are partnered with, and by playing these games you earn points which can later be cashed in for a variety of real world gift cards. 

So I’m always dubious of things like these, which allow you to generate rewards like these, you always end up spending hours filling out surveys or signing up for a variety of third party services, only to have nothing to show for it at the end, or almost as bad, a reward so paltry as to make the time and effort not worth it.

Mistplay is truly a breath of fresh air in that regard, not only do you quickly earn points, but you can download and play a variety of games. Plus they regularly have games which for a select amount of time will be boosted meaning that more points can be earned than normal during that time. It’s great because literally all you do is go on to the app, launch the game through the app, and it monitors your progress and you earn these points for making progress in your game. I earned my first £15 UberEats voucher in just under three days. Now full disclosure this was three days of pretty intense mobile gaming, but I wanted to test as quickly as possible whether Mistplays was legit. 

In those three days I hatched dragons in Dragon City, built my own castle and army, Kingdom of Avalon, a game steeped in the mythos of King Arthur and Camelot, protected my settlement from the undead in State of Survival: Zombie War and I indulged in my own Godfather fantasy by playing Mafia City. As I progressed through each game, and others that I didn’t mention, I slowly but surely built up the required points so that by the end of day three I had earned not only a well deserved break, but also enough points to get me that coveted voucher.

I will add, that it gets harder and harder to earn points the more you play a specific game, for example to make doubly sure that things worked, and you actually received a pay out from the service, I set about earning a second voucher. I was far more relaxed this second time around, playing maybe an hour or so between the handful of games I mentioned above which I particularly enjoyed, and it took me maybe three weeks of intermittent and very casual gameplay to earn my second voucher. 

So to answer the important questions:

Do you get something by using Mistplay?
Yes. Most Definitely. I can confirm to date that I’ve had two £15 UberEats vouchers from them and had I not taken a break from my phone for a month I’d probably have earned at least one more. It’s not just Uber though, they have gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, John Lewis, and even a prepaid credit card with MasterCard just to name a few.

Is it worth it?
If you are looking for an instant pay out or super huge rewards then I would say this app is probably not for you, but if you’re looking for a fun little supplement, something that gives you very fair and decent rewards for playing games you’d probably be playing anyway then I’d say it’s worth it for sure. 

How quickly can you get your rewards?
So as I said above, I managed to secure enough points for my first reward within three days, now as I said up top, this was through pretty intensive gameplay so it might take you a little longer to earn a reward. Being completely honest the longest wait was the processing time between when I claimed my reward and when it was distributed to me. But it was not an overly lengthy process, perhaps it the couple of days only felt so long because I have ADHD and so any waiting period is murder, and also because until I had that first voucher code in my inbox I still wasn’t sure if it was going to work, or whether I was going to be let down. 

Is it Safe?
I wholeheartedly believe Mistplay is safe, It’s by no means a scam like some of the other similar platforms which purport to practically bust open your PayPal with constant winning. Mistplay does not require any credit or debit information to earn or claim your rewards. It’s one of the benefits of dealing exclusively in gift cards as opposed to actually giving you money. It’s an extra layer of security. I will add that although it didn’t bother me, you do have to present identification, and a current photo of yourself before you can claim any rewards. This is a small vetting procedure, which ensures that you don’t make a dozen accounts and gouge them for more money. But yeah, beyond your email address to send the reward to, and the option to personalise your profile with your name, it takes little to no information from you, and certainly nothing which could lead to spamming or scamming. 

How Does it Work?
Money just for playing video games seems crazy, so how exactly does it all work? Well as I said above they have a relationship with dozens if not hundreds of game developers and producers, and they pay Mistplay to feature their games on the app. You can select from any of these games, and play them, by launching them on the app. This part is important, as if you don’t launch them via the app then Mistplay cannot track your gameplay and thus you cannot earn points. So after you launch, Misplay runs quietly in the background tracking your progress in game, and as you level up and gain experience you’re also gaining points which can eventually be cashed in for one of several rewards. It’s a very straightforward, simple and easy process that can harness all of your mobile gaming skills and earn you some pretty nice rewards. I cashed out twice, as soon as I could because as I talked about earlier I have no patience, but the more points you earn the bigger your reward.

I strongly urge you to download Mistplay for yourself, which you can find via the Google Play Store (Mistplay isn’t available for iOS) and you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or check out their website for more info.

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