EP Review: Sunrise and Ammunition – Triangulum

Sunrise and Ammunition are a three piece, psychedelic Rock outfit from Houston, Texas made up of Tyler Saucier on Vocals/Guitar, Chris Richardson on Bass and Chris Banton on Vocals/Drums. Today, I will be reviewing their EP ‘Triangulum’ which was released on April 1st 2022. 

‘Movers’ has a flurry of sound building, percussion, melding into some superb stringwork, and you just immediately get caught up in the offbeat energy of the track. I like that the track has a lot of back and forth, even with the vocals, it all really works to create a really interesting track. Speaking of the vocals, I like the deep vocal depth of the performers, it really adds to the overall track. I find myself sometimes overlooking the bass in tracks, but this had some superb bass elements throughout which really sold the full track for me. 

‘Luca’ somewhat follows in the footsteps of the track, regarding the staccato presentation of the melody, but it’s an entirely different energy to this track, and it builds more, as the track progresses. I really enjoyed the vocals in this one, they weave throughout, an even tempo and stabilising element to the shredding guitar and drums which do a little exploring within the confines of the melody. 

‘Vulcan Dome’ opens with a building note, a sustained element that breaks into some awesome guitar work, and the vocals are a little different here, I noted above the vocalists have a deeper vocal register but because of the overall space theme to the track and album, they seem set adrift in space with a little bit of audio distortion to create that effect which works really well and is super cool. Although the EP is one strong entry after another, this is my personal favourite and if you check out one track on this release then make it this one. 

‘Mt. Fuji’ kicks off with percussion and another softer, more melodic vocal delivery, it’s a really strong closer to the EP. I love the energy of this track, it’s slow without being lackadaisical, and just really feels like a deep dive into the specific sound which has really made this entire EP and the band so good. 

So that’s what I thought of Sunrise and Ammunition’s EP ‘Triangulum’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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