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*All images used within this article were taken by Jenna Laird of J.H Laird Photography, and are of Jenna, they cannot be used externally without express permission of the owner.

So Snag Tights is an online-only clothing retailer, based in Livingston, Scotland who ship their products worldwide. They focus on creating clothes which are ethically produced, sustainable, affordable and most importantly are made for a variety of sizes. Specifically, as stated in Snag Tight’s Tagline, they make ‘Clothes that actually fit’, and currently produce items for sizes from 4 to 38.

Snag Tights are knitted in Italy, made somewhere just north of Lake Garda, and as founder Brie Read stated in this article from The Scotsman, the production is ‘part of a supply chain designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. The dye house is carbon neutral, recycling its water and generating power through solar panels, while deliveries use recycled paper instead of plastic packaging’

So it’s clear that you can be confident that purchasing from Snag Tights is an ethically fine choice, and likewise their focus on meeting a variety of body types makes them incredibly attractive as a business. But what really attracted me to the business was their personality, they are very customer forward, interacting directly with customers online for example. You also get a very clear sense of the ethos that is present in the brand, one which welcomes diversity, creativity, inclusivity and free expression.

Now, our staff photographer and veteran book reviewer, Jenna Laird is in love with Snag Tights and has spent a ton of money on them over the past couple of years. They had this to say regarding the business and their products: 

“Snag Tights has opened me up to a whole new world of plus size fashion and has helped me gain confidence in what I wear and how I look at myself. The first advert I saw was for the mock garter collection and I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. The clothing has done wonders for me and I want to inspire everyone to try them out and have their own journey into loving their bodies.”

Our graphic designer and contributor, Tori B Bearly, also loves Snag Tights, and had this to say about them: 

“I’m so thankful to Jenna for recommending Snag Tights. Every pair I’ve got has been soft, comfy and has had the most incredible designs. On top of that, their sizing is the best I’ve ever seen. While they have their own sizing which can be a bit confusing to figure out at first glance, they offer larger sizes and smaller sizes than anywhere else I’ve ever seen plus they fit better than every pair of tights I’ve ever got. I especially want to mention the Throwback Cat tights they did a limited re-release of last November – I have been looking for a pair of these tights for literally years ever since growing out of my last pair (a cheap cute pair from Amazon which are similar but with bears instead of cats). 

Also, their Chub Rub shorts are an absolute godsend! I wear them every single day under everything – jeans, skirts, dresses. They’re comfy and have saved my thighs so much owwies!”

I rarely do calls to action, and even then It’s usually just saying listen to this album please, cause I mostly do music reviews but seriously, I’m not saying you have to buy anything from them but I urge you to check out Snag Tights because they have an amazing range of high quality, beautifully designed clothes, all of which are made for real people of all shapes and sizes and if you check through their available stock and don’t find something you’d like them I will be shocked.

Speaking of which, head on over to their website by clicking here, and you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok for updates and to show support to the brand.

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