Bewitching Health and Beauty

Bewitching Health and Beauty is a holistic business, based in Kilmarnock, which is run by Lilian Anderson, a practising witch and mature student currently pursuing a BA honours in Psychological studies through the Open University. She is also a contributor to Off the Record and you can find her content by clicking here.

The business offers a variety of services currently including Tarot Readings, Runes, Divination and general Spiritual Advice. In addition, Lilian has studied Holistic Therapies as is fully qualified and capable of offering Massage and Reiki. 

Bewitching Health and Beauty has been in operation for several years now, but the services offered have been many years in development, for example Lilian has been offering Tarot readings for over 20 years. And as a practising witch for most of her adult life, she also has a body of knowledge to draw from to provide spiritual support. So most of the products you’ll be able to find through Bewitching Health and Beauty will be things like crystals, incense, tarot cards and similar items. Lilian wanted to note that she will put her personal guarantee on any items she sells, specifically saying: 

“I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t buy myself, I have personally bought and tested any products. I am a huge journaler, and I’m obsessed with notebooks so we’ve recently got a range of handmade leather bound notebooks. I not only love these notebooks but from a spiritual/mental health point of view they are great, equally good as a book of shadows for a witch, or as a journal for CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy).”

Overall though Bewitching Health and Beauty is an extension of Lilian herself, someone who has been a pillar of the community, giving tirelessly of herself for many years to make her home and those around her better. She wants to bring that mentality and her spiritual practices to as many people as possible. If that sounds interesting I encourage you to visit her Facebook to find out more.

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