Album Review: TWRP – New & Improved

TWRP, formerly known as Tupper Ware Remix Party, are a Canadian rock band, who started back in 2007 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Much like Steam Powered Giraffe, who I’ve also reviewed, and you can check that out here. TWRP are a group which perform in full costume, with their own sci-fi identities and fictional band history. Specifically, Doctor Sung, who has been a member of the band since its inception, finding the other members through time and space. Speaking of which, TWRP is made up of Doctor Sung on Keyboard/Vocals, Lord Phobos on Lead Guitar, Commander Meouch on Bass/Backing Vocals and Havve Hogan on Drums/Electronic Percussion.

TWRP have frequently collaborated with Ninja Sex Party, acting as both an opening act when the group are touring, as well as their backing from on all albums they’ve released starting with Under the Covers. They also acted as the backing band for Starbomb, on their third album, The TryForce. Today, however, I will be reviewing their album ‘New & Improved’ which was released on 25th November 2021. 

‘Fusion Reactor’ opens with a charged, building synthy melody, backed up by electronic percussion. It’s instantly high energy and reminds me of a video game soundtrack, like maybe the casino zone in Sonic back when those games weren’t a chore to play. It’s a really fun, funky intro to the album and it’s instantly captured my attention. 

‘Bright Blue Sky’ maintains the momentum of the previous track, but with a brighter overall melody, and vocals, synthy vocals which merge and counterpoint one another, with a heavier and lighter toned vocalist who work really well together. I love the energy of this track more than anything, you just kinda get caught up in it.

‘Found Your Love (ft. Diamond Cafe)’ starts off much slower, with gentle piano chords, before kicking off with a heavy, swinging, jazz filled melody and the vocals of Diamond Cafe, which are just phenomenal. I love his range, and ability to hit the high notes, and his voice works in tandem with the robotic vocals of TWRP which I really enjoy. 

‘Superior Moves’ also keeps this a little more mellow, and a little funkier too, It’s amazing how much range the synth driven vocals have, you just get caught up in the overall performance. I liked the energy of this track, the vocal harmonies, the high tempo performances, augmented by slower parts really tie the whole thing together. I also found that the hook for this track was really catchy, and kept it in the back of my head for weeks after first hearing it. 

‘Planet Bass (ft. Alex Moukala)’ opens with a quirky announcement, and that quirky, offbeat energy infects the entire track, it’s big, it’s bouncy and it has a really nice vibe. I really got sucked into the melody of this one. When I review I’ll listen to each track a few times, and then have it on while I’m actually writing the review, but this one is amazing to write to so I just had it one during the entire process. 

‘Digitally Yours’ slows things down just a touch, bringing a different tone and energy than the past few tracks, it’s a welcome shake up as it shows more range and diversity to the groups overall sound, but it also doesn’t sound incongruous as part of the greater whole of the album. I think overall despite the entire album being jam packed full of amazing songs, that this one was my favourite. I think I liked the more subdued vibe, and the vocals were particularly strong and melodic in this one, it just worked best for me. 

‘Polygon (ft. Starcadian)’ is another high energy number, and it also evokes video game vibes, I also loved the vocals in this, they were delivered very fast paced, and the vocal quality was really interesting, you just get really caught up in the momentum of this track. I think this is a very close second for my favourite track on the album, it’s just incredibly well put together, a nice balance overall and I cannot get it out of my head. Plus bonus points for the phenomenal guitar sections. 

‘Whisper On The Breeze’ has a building, ambient tone, and some softer synth fueled vocals backed up by some strong percussion and guitar, slowly creating a busier melody. Not what I was expecting for a track called ‘Whisper On The Breeze’ but also a very strong song either way. I don’t know if anyone reading this will be familiar with ‘Cha-La Head-Cha-La’ by Hironobu Kageyama made famous for being the opening song to Dragonball Z, and I don’t think anyone else will hear it but there’s something of that song in this one. I can’t really place exactly what but it tickles the same part of my brain. Sorry if that’s weird. 

‘Re-Entry (ft. Chris Hadfield)’ opens with a big synthy melody, overlaid with audio from awesome astronaut Chris Hadfield. It’s a super cool track that blends in, a quirky musical backing which reminds me of the Red Dwarf theme, with a legitimately interesting story by Hadfield. I’m a sucker for offbeat songs like this, and man did I really love it. Oh which reminds me I’ll be reviewing Hadfield’s Astronaut band Max Q in a week or so, make sure and check it out. 

‘Terraform (ft. Magic Sword)’ closes things up perfectly, a slower number up front, really hammering home a powerful synth fueled melody that builds creating something deep and beautiful and memorable. It has some truly superb guitars sections towards the end that just tie the whole thing together and cement this album as a absolute banger. 

So that’s what I thought of TWRP’s album ‘New & Improved’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. While you’re at it, make sure and support the band by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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