Interview with Anasthera (Studio Lovelies)

First off, tell me about yourself and the rest of the core team at Studio Lovelies?
I’m Anasthera and I’m the Game Director at Studio Lovelies, nice to meetcha! Me, Gof, DiscoDuro, Epik, SaveStateCorrupted, Jape, Benido, Savior of the Eggs, Isaac and Koda are the core people who made the game, and more or less we’re all Game Grumps fans that all saw CreatrixTiara make a post on the subreddit to make an Ace Attorney/Game Grumps Fan game, and I guess we all thought that was a sick idea so we did it! We’re all people from all over the world, and stupid dick and fart jokes brought us all together to make funny silly things.

So a few Grump related questions, I assume you’re all fans of Game Grumps? What is your favourite series and why?
I can’t speak for everyone else, but personally I love their Super Mario 3D World playthrough for the excellent co-op trolling and Dark Souls + Bloodborne playthroughs for some excellent jokes in those series plus the games being fun. Also I’m a huge fan of the Super Mario Maker Series, but so is everyone so not too surprising.

And do you have any favourite one offs?
One offs? Endless Ocean definitely, both of the one offs. Ninjabread Man, for the legendary moment at the end. And I still do go back to P.T. to watch Dan freak out, never gets old.

Since they’ll hopefully read this, are there any games you hope they’ll play in the future/go back to playing?
I know a game they SHOULDN’T play because I wanna play it on the show! Megaman X2. I’d like to see them play Hollow knight and/or Ori and the Blind Forest, which would be a nice callback to their Super Metroid days of the show.

So did The Grumps have any involvement in the development of Joint Justice prior to release, and how did it feel to see them play it?
We didn’t contact the grumps until we were confident it was ready to play on the show, and when they responded and said they’d play, there were only a few hiccups to resolve which we did so quickly, and seeing it on the show was fantastic. I personally was very excited, and we all watched the first episode together through a discord call with my cam on so everyone can vouch. It was a great day.

So tell me about Joint Justice? How long did it take to make, how many people worked on it and how did it come to be?
It took a year and a half to make, closer to 2 years really, and all sorts of people contributed in small ways. I think at least 10-15 people I didn’t already mention helped in small ways over the course of the project, but they didn’t stick around for one reason or another. Life gets messy, as well all know, so it’s great we were able to finish this part of it. But it came to be because people decided to make it and decided to commit, that’s about all there is to say really! I’m pretty lucky to be working with people who are committed.

What was the most difficult part of the development process?
The most difficult part of the process was, like all volunteer projects, scheduling coordination. We got stuck in a few parts for a long time simply due to time commitment, which is pretty normal when it’s people’s free time, but other than that everything went rather smoothly. We have a great crew to thank for that!

Did you have any issues from Capcom regarding the Ace Attorney style of the game?
Nope, as far as I’m aware they don’t even know about this game. Hoping it stays that way 😀

Do you have any other projects on the horizon, and if so are you able to share any details about them?
Well we are working on the rest of the game! This was just the tutorial, after all, and we’re well on our way to completing the next case! We already have a plot and are working on writing the first draft out having outlined extensively, and well there is more but we’re keeping it under wraps for right now.

Lastly, where can people find the game, and do you have any social media accounts (feel free to share the links)?
Sure! The game link is in our discord server, which you can find here, you can also check out the Studio Lovelies Website, Twitter and YouTube.

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