Single Review: Addison Grace –  I Wanna Be a Boy

Addison Grace is a wildly talented singer/songwriter from Utah, I first came across them on Tik Tok and have since been converted into a fan. I have reviewed Addison a few times now, and you can check that out by clicking here. If you’d like to learn more about Addison Grace then you can check out this interview we did with them here. Today, however, I will be reviewing their single ‘I Wanna Be a Boy’ which was released on the 21st January 2022.

‘I Wanna Be a Boy’ opens slowly, Addison’s voice flowing in, melancholic and thoughtful, filling you from that first moment with all the feeling and depth they are capable of injecting into the track. I liked the ambient backing track with the heavier bass and guitars, which build to create a really richly texture track, and also managing to find slower, gentler moments in between. This type of song is one of those songs I like to call a ‘Thinking Song’, one where it’s good for when you need to go for a walk and sort things out. It’s beautiful and it’s a privilege to keep seeing Addison grow as an artist as each track improves upon the one before it. 

So that’s what I thought of Addison Grace’s single ‘I Wanna Be a Boy’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. While you’re at it, make sure and support the artist by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, visit their website and of course visit their Tik Tok.

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