Food Review: Vegan Ham and Cheeze Baguette (Greggs)

Greggs is a UK based bakery chain, which sells a variety of delicious products including sausage rolls (both vegan and meat based), sandwiches, pies, sweets, confections and various bakes; including chicken, steak and cheese & onion. You can pop into any of the over 2000 locations across the UK and purchase any of these lovely items, you can even order ahead via the app, or if you’d like you can gift someone else a treat, find out more about that by clicking here.

This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed the products from Greggs, and you can read those by clicking here. Today, however, I will be reviewing the vegan ham and cheeze baguette, which is made of Quorn ham and Violife cheese.

Vegan Ham and Cheeze Baguette
So I really enjoy a ham and cheese baguette, so I was really excited to try Greggs vegan contribution, and honestly, not only is this incredibly delicious but each element holds up really well. So first off, both the cheeze and ham are really nice thick cuts. The ham has a really nice texture and consistency as well. In terms of taste, it has a rich, earthy, meat flavour that replicates ham quite well. The cheeze, is really creamy and savoury, and blends incredibly well with the ham, both complementing each other.

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