Single Review: Mona B – Rhymez

Mona B is a hip-hop artist from Texas who writes, records and produces her own music. I first came across the artist on Instagram, and as I’m always happy to hear stuff outside of my usual recommendations I was eager to check out her music.

‘Rhymez’ opens with a tight, piano infused melody that blends with Mona B’s vocals, she has a strong voice, one with depth and richness to it, and I like that she transitions smoothly from almost spoken word, to a more conventional melodic rap style. She has a fluid delivery and a nice energy, and as a beat comes underneath the piano and vocals, you feel the track really come together. It’s fairly short, at 1 minute and 29 seconds but what she achieves in that time is incredible. It really showcases her style, raw talent, lyricism, and her voice. As I said up top, I haven’t listened to her prior to coming across her stuff on Instagram but after hearing this track I’ll be sure to keep an eye on her music in the future. 

So that’s what I thought of Mona B’s single ‘Rhymez’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Soundcloud. You can also support the artist by following them on Twitter and Instagram

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