Food Review: Valentine’s Day Themed Drinks (Tempo Tea Bar)

So anyone who has been a fan of this blog for a while will know that both Tori B Bearly and I are huge fans of Tempo Tea Bar, if not check out this and this, so we jumped at the chance to try their awesome Valentine’s Day themed drinks. It will be available throughout February and can be purchased exclusively from Geekaboo, which is located at 74 Queen Street in Glasgow directly across from Tempo Tea Bar. 

Player 1
Thomas: So I picked Player 1 because I really like cranberry, and it’s really nice, I would say that it’s far more subdued than I was expecting, the cranberry more or less just adds in a subtle depth and tang to the overall flavour and instead it’s a sweet strawberry that’s the predominant feature of the drink. It’s super tasty though, very light and refreshing, and it makes you salivate.

Player 2
Tori: And I picked cherry because it’s one of my favourite flavours, and I found Player 2 to be really fruity and really sweet. Something about it reminds me of either Refreshers or Love Hearts, that sort of candy sweetness. I think the bubbles are a little bit more squishy than usual but that’s most likely just because it was pre-made earlier in the day to be sent over to Geekaboo. Overall it has a really nice flavour, the cherry is a very sweet cherry, as opposed to being tart like the actual fruit.

Also I am super excited to talk about the baked goods that Tempo Tea bar have started selling, all made by Panaderia de Ciudad, a family run artisan bread and cake home baker based in Glasgow. So you can find out what we thought of the Ube Roll Cake below. 

Tori: It’s delicious. The frosting has a slightly harder consistency than most frosting, which means it melts in your mouth. It’s very interesting. I would compare it most to chocolate, where it’s harder and holds its shape, but is easily munched, plus the lovely melting. Good mouth feel. It’s also very moist. Overall it has a nice consistency and the taste is amazing, an almost vanilla like quality mixed with something I can put my finger on. Probably the Ube. 

Thomas: I have been thinking about this since I had my first one a few weeks ago. It’s just so good, it has a rich, creaminess, a nice sweetness that isn’t overpowering and a really lovely consistency. I second Tori’s comparison to chocolate, because the overall mouth feel, consistency and of course the melty goodness are very similar to a high quality chocolate cake. It’s just really tasty, and it’s purple which is cool. 

Tempo have also been kind enough to provide us with a discount code! If you order from the Tempo Tea Bar website you can use code TORI20 for 20% off of your total order!

If you would like to grab the product mentioned in this review for yourself, or for that matter anything offered by Tempo, then you can either visit their physical store in Glasgow, or purchase them online via their Shopify store. Make sure and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss any deals, new products and other fun things.

If you would like to support the Panaderia De Ciudad you can check out their website, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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