Top 10: I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Sketches (Season 2)

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is a sketch comedy series on Netflix which was co-created by Zach Kanin (a former SNL staff writer, as well as the co-creator, producer and writer of Detroiters) and Tim Robinson (who also wrote, produced and starred in the show). 

The series has attracted many prominent guest stars including Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, Will Forte, Conner O’Malley, Andy Samberg, Fred Willard, Patti Harrison, Tim Heidecker, Bob Odenkirk and Kate Berlant. The first season premiered on April 23rd 2019 and you can check out the Top 10 list for season one by clicking here. The second season, which we are here to discuss today dropped on July 6th 2021. You can check out my picks below. 

1. Driving School (Her Job is Tables)
I could make equally good arguments for this or Coffin Flop being my favourite, but in the end this one because it was just a little bit funnier in my opinion. This sketch was in season 2, episode 6 and is just so good. I have been sick the past couple of days and I laughed so hard at this one I genuinely think it cured the flu. The sketch features Tim Robinson, as a driver’s ed teacher, showing some videos to his class. The true standout in this sketch was Patti Harrison who really sold that these tables were her livelihood. It’s one of the few sketches which explained the madness but it’s still so funny. I liked the back and forth between the incredulous class, and Tim Robinson’s character who refused to elaborate even though he’s seen the video ‘a ton of times’.

2. Coffin Flop
This is another one that I’m sure cured my flu, it’s from season 2 episode 1 and it is so funny, it has Tim Robinson’s character making a passionate plea to the audience to speak to the network ‘Spectrum’ about not getting rid of one of their channels, ‘Corncob TV’. Specifically he is trying to save his show ‘Coffin Flop’. This sketch is hilarious in its grotesqueness and Robinson sells it perfectly. I especially liked his delivery of the line ‘We’re allowed to show ‘em nude cause they ain’t got no soul’. It’s so funny you might die laughing, and end up on the show.

3. Jamie Taco (I Love My Wife)
So this one is sweet and funny, and it’s also surprisingly long. It begins with a poker party where the guys are shooting the breeze and complaining about the ol’ ball and chain. You know typical guy stuff. When the main character of the sketch follows suit and also pokes lighthearted fun of his own wife, he gets up and immediately regrets it and cue an extended flashback of her helping him through a hard period of his life which just so happens to be some guy called Jamie Taco who kept stealing his lines in a play. It’s funny, and has a nice ending, throwing a bit of silliness in with the usual surrealism.

4. Calico Cut Pants
Is a very long sketch, about ten minutes or so, and it’s so worth it, from season 2, episode 4 this is just so ridiculous. It has Robinson’s character save someone from a potentially awkward/embarrassing encounter and then hound him relentlessly to then give back to support the cause. It’s one of those types of funny that just steer into the ridiculousness of the premise, it doesn’t try to legitimise it or make it the normal reality within the context of the sketch, but instead is just satisfyingly weird and hilarious. Also interestingly enough, someone has created a working Calico Cut Pants Website. Check it out and make sure to donate…You gotta give or It’ll go dark!

5. Karl Havoc
From season 2, episode 1, this sketch is supremely dark and supremely funny. It has Tim Robinson’s character Carmine Laguzio, the host of a prank show called ‘Everything Is Upside Down’ don a full body prosthetic (which looks horrifying by the way) to play a character named Karl Havoc who is going to mess with people at the Fairfield Mall. He immediately regrets the cumbersome disguise and begins to break down on screen. It’s grim and has him basically question whether he wants to be alive anymore. It’s especially funny because of the counterpoint between his enthusiastic and happy demeanour before the prosthetics go on. 

6. The Ice Cream Store is Closed Today
Bob Odenkirk is truly tremendous in this sketch, you feel the desperation and cringe radiate off him in this one from Season 2, Episode 2. I love the conspiratorial looks between the Dad and Bob Odenkirk’s characters at the beginning as the Dad tries to convince his daughter they can’t get ice cream today and then it just escalates from there.

7. Cosmos Restaurant
So this season 2, Episode 5 sketch features Tim Heidecker from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, who you may also remember from the season 1 sketch Game Night, which got an honourable mention on my season 1 version of this list. Anyway, this features Tim Heidecker’s character Gary out on a date with Janeane (played by Tracey Birdsall). They’ve inexplicably picked a space themed restaurant. Everything seems to be going alright, until an animatronic alien head begins to poke lighthearted fun at their table, and Heidecker goes off, revealing overly personal information about how his date’s mother used to drink vomit on a local radio show in exchange for the money to buy her children school supplies, and how his date’s sister is also a hardcore drug addict. You’d think she’d baulk at these reveals but instead she too is annoyed by the robot head and they make the employee come out and apologise to them. It’s superbly handled and is legitimately really funny.

8. Sloppy Steaks (I Used to Be a Piece of Shit)
So this sketch from season 2, episode 2 has Tim Robinson’s character attend a baby shower, where the baby cries when he picks it up. He relates the fact that he used to be a piece of shit, but that he’s changed. Seeing Robinson beefing with a baby is fun, but the highlight is the sloppy steak bit which is just so good. I mean, where does your mind have to go to get from Baby Shower to problematic bachelors pouring water on their steaks? I also recommend you watch this Binging with Babish episode where he makes the titular steak. 

9. Insider Trading Trial (Stupid Hat)
This is just a silly one, from season 2, episode 3, the core concept is two people on trial for insider trading, but all the evidence which supports them also mercilessly shreds the style and dress of Tim Robinson’s character, in particular a hat he wears. It’s really good, and is fairly straightforward compared to some of the other sketches. My personal highlight is seeing Tim Robinbson’s character in the courtroom wearing the hat he was being lambasted for. 

10. I Should Have Got That
So the real humour in this sketch is from the sheer awkwardness as it goes from a nice dinner between some students and their beloved teacher, Professor Yurabay to a boundary defying and super cringey meal where he covets the burger ordered by Tim Robinson’s character, Dylan and eventually just straight up takes it from him and eats the entire thing. It’s at that point he then asks them to record some incriminating audio so that they won’t tell anyone how he ‘housed Dylan’s burger’. It’s so funny and you can cut the tension with a knife. 

Honourable mentions go to Tammy Craps, But It’s Lunch and Dave’s Poop Double which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.

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