Top 10: Game Grumps One-Offs (New)

I always try to keep these lists fresh and up to date, however the Game Grumps have been around 9 years and in that time they’ve produced nearly 8,000 videos so in keeping these updated there is always the risk that old or ‘Classic’ content is pushed aside to make way for new content. I felt like this would be doing a disservice to the countless ‘Classic’ episodes which totally deserved to make the list, and so what I’ve decided to do is is make more lists.

So the first set will be classic Dan Era one-offs and series, while the second will focus on New Dan Era one-offs and series. I feel like, upon reflection, that this is the most fair way to do things, as it properly covers all of Game Grumps, and not just their recent content. Now as I’ve suggested this will involve seperating their content into two periods, namely ‘Classic’ and ‘New’ Game Grumps. With ‘Classic’ Game Grumps running from June 2013 when Dan Avidan joined the channel (replacing Jon) until early 2018.

The reason for selecting early 2018 as the cut off date for ‘Classic’ Game Grumps is threefold, firstly Barry Kramer, the long term editor for the channel, who had been with them almost since the beginning (joining in September 2012, two months after the channel started in July 2012) announced on December 21st 2017 that after approximately five years he was leaving to seek new opportunities. For a lot of Game Grumps fans, he was such a core element of the show that it really did feel like the end of an era, so to speak. Secondly, by 2018 the channel had ceased several of their extracurriculars including Steam Train, Table Flip and Grumpcade. Thirdly, and lastly, in early 2018 the Game Grumps went through something of a design rebrand, changing and updating the design of the ‘Grump Heads’ which as far as I can tell was officially debuted on April 18th 2018 with the episode Super Mario Maker: Elevator Song – PART 140.

I hope that I have now adequately explained what constitutes the ‘Classic’ period of Game Grumps, and as you can probably gather from context, the period defined as ‘New’ Game Grumps is everything after 2018, going forward to the present.

I have gone ahead and compiled some information about the Game Grumps below. I do, however, understand that you may already know all the information, or simply would prefer to skip it. So you can click here if you’d like to go straight to the list or just keep reading to find out more about the Game Grumps. Either Way. Enjoy!

Game Grumps is an American Let’s Play channel which was established back on July 18th 2012 by co-hosts and co-founders Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor) and Jon Jafari (also known as JonTron). Arin had already built up a considerable fanbase prior to Game Grumps due to his animations which were posted to Newgrounds and his personal YouTube Channel and when Jon came to his attention following his video DinoCity BRO!!! (which features his first attempt to sing Firework by Katy Perry, which I eventually reviewed) and that videos subsequent posting to Reddit they became friends and eventually decided to collaborate.

The actual concept for Game Grumps as well as the name of the show and the roles of ‘Grump’ and ‘Not So Grump’ they play on it were inspired by an incident where Jon and Arin were playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl and arguing over whether the character Wolf was a clone of Fox, because their fighting styles were too similar. A friend of theirs told them they have a tendency to get a little ‘grumpy’ with one another while playing games, and said that they should make a show where they should talk it out, Arin concieved of a podcast called Game Grumps, the idea for which eventually evolved into the show as we know it. As mentioned above Arin and Jon play specific roles on the show, with Arin playing the role of ‘Grump’ and Jon playing the role of ‘Not So Grump’. Together the pair hosted the channel, with vital behind the scenes support from their editor Barry Kramer (also known as razzadoop) until Jon left on June 25th 2013 to focus on his own personal channel. 

Speaking of which, if you are a fan of JonTron, you can check out a Top 10 list I did for his best episodes by clicking here and here.

Following Jon’s departure from the show he was replaced by Dan Avidan (also known as Danny Sexbang) the lead vocalist of the comedy musical duo, Ninja Sex Party, who took over his role as ‘Not So Grump’. Interestingly enough, Dan joining the channel had already been in the works prior to Jon leaving, as he was set to be the co-host of another series scheduled to appear on the Game Grumps channel called Steam Train, which would feature himself alongside Animator and voice actor Ross O’Donovan (also known as RubberRoss, RubberNinja or CondomRoss) where they would both play PC games (as opposed to console games, which were more common on Game Grumps at the time) many of which were available on Valve’s Steam platform (for which the show was named) in a similar format to the original Game Grumps set up. However due to the sudden nature of Jon’s withdrawal from the show, and also because Arin had apparently said previously that Dan would have always been his second choice for a co-host for Game Grumps if Jon were unavailable he ended up taking the co-host role on both shows.

Another interesting detail regarding Dan joining the channel was that his first appearance on Game Grumps in the video(s) Ode to Jon / Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!: Around the World – PART 1 went up the same day as his first appearance on Steam Train in the video Hotline Miami: Who’s Calling? – PART 1 (which was actually recorded several months prior) with both being uploaded to the Game Grumps channel on June 25th 2013. The addition of Steam Train to the channel added an extra video, making up a total of three per day. Ross and Dan co-hosted the show together, and on July 9th 2013 Arin was introduced on the show during their playthrough of Civilization V: Brave New World to act as another co-host as Dan was increasingly busy with both his Game Grumps schedule, and working on Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb (whose first album was released on December 17th 2013). 

Barry Kramer was later debuted as another co-host during the February 14th 2014 Steam Train episode, rebranded as Single Train for Valentine’s Day, as both Dan and Arin, the hosts for that episode were single at the time. On June 25th 2014, the first anniversary of Steam Train, they revamped things with a brand new intro sequence, starting with the video King’s Quest VI: The Land of the Green Isles – PART 1, the new sequence now featured Barry and Suzy Berhow (also known as Mortem3r) who herself would debut as a potential host on the episode, Mount Your Friends

Speaking of which Suzy is also the host of her own Let’s Play channel called KittyKatGaming and I’ve done some Top 10s for her channel as well which you can check out by clicking here and here.

The expansion of Steam Train beyond just Dan and Ross created a sub-series called Steam Rolled, which launched on August 23rd 2013 and involves a combination of any four players playing a variety of co-op or Versus games. Steam Train as a whole lasted from June 25th 2013 until December 30th 2016 when the last official episode was posted. The show ended (or at least went into an extended hiatus) because Ross was taking a less active role in Game Grumps in general to focus on his art and animation career and because the main Game Grumps channel had started featuring gameplay from Steam thus making Steam Train unnecessary. 

Just before we move on from Steam Train I’ve done Top 10s for the series and you can check them out here and here.

Steam Train was not the only series added to Game Grumps, on December 14th 2013 they introduced a new show called Table Flip which was produced by Polaris (a multi-channel network based on YouTube) and was hosted by Barry and Suzy, and instead of PC or Console games, focused on traditional board and card games, and utilising costumes and set pieces to give an old fashioned feel. Each episode of Table Flip featured various additional guests, such as other members of The Grumps such as Arin, Danny or Ross as well as other YouTubers such as Markiplier, Jirard The Completionist and Ashly Burch (speaking of which, I did a Top 10 list for Ashly’s show Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? Which you can check out here). Table Flip ran until October 12th 2016 when the show was wrapped up due to Game Grumps separating from Polaris, who co-owned the show, this meant of course that they were unable to make any new episodes.

Grumpcade was another new show added to the channel, it debuted on January 14th 2015 and involved any combination of two to four of the Game Grumps hosting an episode, alongside special guests. It was the addition of these guests that meant in some ways Grumpcade was a more unofficial, relaxed version of Guest Grumps, a sub-series of the main channel where Arin and Dan (originally Jon) would invite a guest to play alongside them. But returning to Grumpcade, they focused on playing a variety of console games, in whatever configuration worked best for the recording. Functionally in terms of set up it is similar to that of Game Grumps (particularly Guest Grumps) or Steam Train (and Steam Rolled) but deviates because of the lack of fixed hosts. Notable guests on Grumpcade include Octopimp, Matt and Woolie of Super Best Friends, Oney, Jacksepticeye, Ding Dong and Comic Book Girl 19 just to name a few. Grumpcade lasted until January 6th 2018 when the last video was posted, since then it has either officially been wrapped up alongside the middle time slot it used to be posted on, or is at the very least on an extended hiatus. 

Shortly after Grumpcade first started, Game Grumps announced another project. In this case a whole new channel called ‘Grump Out’ with the first video Game Grumps Eat GROSS BEANS being released on February 20th 2015. This new channel allowed them to post a variety of content including live action comedy which did not fit on the main Game Grumps channel. The channel did not have a set schedule for post, instead content went up only when there was content to post. The main run of the channel went right up until November 28th 2018 when the last video Dream Daddy – Teaser Trailer went up (speaking of which I’ve reviewed Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator and you can check that out here) after which the channel went into hiatus. This pause continued until October 7th 2020 when they released the video TAKE THIS Egg Emperor!, this video also marked a shift in the type of content posted on the channel, which is now focused on smaller clips and compilations designed to promote the main channel. 

The live action comedy that was a vital part of the early Grump Out channel, was succeeded in spirit by a new series on the main channel called 10 Minute Power Hour. This series consists of face-cam live footage of Arin and Dan (and occasionally a guest) as they perform a variety of prompts or challenges. The first episode of the 10 Minute Power Hour, Grown Men Playing w/ Legos was released on April 3rd 2018. The channel released weekly from that point on a Monday right up until July 22nd 2019 with the video Pancakemon Art, after which from July 29th 2019 with the video Making art with Lite Brite is impossible the series was moved to a brand new channel called ‘The Grumps’ and has continued to be posted there ever since. Although as of the 22nd June 2020 the series is taking a temporary hiatus due to the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour with Arin and Dan aiming to continue the series once it is safe to do so.

Speaking of which The Grumps, their newest channel debuted on July 26th 2019 and was created much as Grump Out before it as a place for content which was different from Game Grumps, such as live action comedy, which was why once the channel started 10 Minute Power Hour was moved to it. In addition to that series, they also have ‘Good Content’ which was for the first fifteen episodes untitled, and it featured a variety of content including The Grumps answering fan questions. However as of the episode Good Content HIATUS and upcoming special episodes?! which aired on January 30th 2020 the show is on an indefinite hiatus.

New One-Offs

1. Mountain Rescue Simulator

Sometimes they play games like this where the game itself is either underwhelming or without any real directive and as such they make their own fun with it, and that’s really the case here. It’s super funny, the drive time radio vibe when they pause was a particular highlight. And Arin’s reaction when he threw out a random name for a character only to be right. Overall it’s a nice, chill playthrough and was one of the first one-offs in New Grumps that I really enjoyed. 

2. The Stretchers

This game is superb, I liked it so much it’s on my wishlist to get next time I have a bit of spare cash, but seriously though not only did it introduce me to a fantastic game but the actual playthrough itself was incredibly entertaining. It’s good, firstly because the gameplay is very solid and intuitive so both can play it with relative ease, but also the game itself doesn’t take itself too seriously which helps Arin and Dan to enjoy it more. About my only problem is that this, and the previous entry on this list use overly bombastic and clickbaity titles for the videos. 

3. Roombo: First Blood

Another playthrough I enjoyed so much I bought it for myself. It’s such a fun game, and simple enough in concept but with increasing difficulty and challenges that make it well worth playing. I liked that Arin and Dan got quite invested in it, coming up with strategies, it really mirrored my own experience playing it with Tori. 

4. Untitled Goose Game

I’ve heard others describe this as a low energy type of episode, and I can’t deny that it’s quite chill but to be honest some of the best Game Grumps moments have been these more subdued playthroughs where both Dan and Arin are just kind of chilling. Especially since, Untitled Goose Game is quite neutral. You have the opportunity to be a chaotic little Goose but it’s not all bright colours, flashing lights and loud noises. It’s just you wandering around this nice, little village and being just the best little horrible goose. 

5. Sitting Ducks

So I actually remember the TV show that this game was based upon, it used to air on CITV (a British children’s TV channel) and I really liked it. Now the game seems fairly straightforward but honestly I’m not sure why this property was given a tie-in game but I’m glad they decided to play it anyway because it’s always the weirder games which make for a fun episode. 

6. Vroom in the Night Sky

Now I like to be positive for the most part and I’m always more likely and willing to focus on what I do like as opposed to what I don’t like but being completely honest this game feels unfinished. It’s not terrible by any means, in fact I think that the overall design is very cute, and that if further developed the gameplay could be made more enjoyable. But as It stands this episode is funny mostly because of the flaws. A particular highlight was Dan reading a review of the game which had some creative word choice. 

7. No Players Online

So I think this game had a lot of potential, and I liked that Dan at the very least went into it blind, however Arin overplayed his hand just a little in setting up the story and so Dan knew something was up. That being said it wasn’t an uninteresting episode, and It’s always good to see Dan who is notoriously not a fan of horror games try to keep his cool. 

8. Mom Hid My Game

A game they enjoyed so much they later revisited it with special guest Weird Al Yankovic, it’s really fun and surprisingly tense at times. It’s also really simple, so it’s easy for them to get sucked up. It’s games like this that make me appreciate one-offs, not only because they are a welcome palate cleanser after extended playthroughs but because there’s less investment in them they can have more relaxed fun.

9. DOUBLE Deep Dive of Danny Nostalgia – Sea Speller and Karateka

So I like episodes where Dan gets to revisit games from his youth, it’s one of the reasons why I liked Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude because you can feel how excited he is while playing and how invested he becomes. It’s especially good because Dan is usually watching, while Arin is playing, or they are playing either against one another or cooperatively, but it shakes up the status quo somewhat to see him take control. 

10. Spray

Another game that I cannot imagine actually getting developed and yet here we are. It’s Game Grumps at their finest when they are reacting to something which is just totally incredulous and that’s what we have here.

Honourable Mentions go to I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator, Pizza Parking and Psycho Waluigi which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the list.

So those were my Top 10 ‘New’ Game Grumps one-offs and if you want to maybe find some favourites of your own, you can head over to the main channel, Game Grumps, their new channel, The Grumps or their misfit channel for random things, Grump Out.

Make sure and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates from Game Grumps.

Also if you’re in the mood for Game Grumps but have no idea what to watch then use this neat little site, RandomGrump, which you can use to find a completely random episode or series from the backlog of Grumps content.

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