Pam’s Place

Pam’s Place is an Ayrshire based catering business which was created by Pamela Gray back in 2011. It is a one stop shop for all your culinary needs, whatever you want cooked or baked, you can reach out to Pamela for superior service. She brings with her a HNC Patisserie qualification, as well as over 7 years of experience in cooking and baking in the The Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow. In addition to having the training and experience to tackle any food challenge, Pamela, also has a business degree which informs her management of Pam’s place, she also has an active food hygiene certificate and ensures that everything produced by Pam’s Place meets the highest standards for quality and safety. 

As I touched on above, Pamela offers a wide range of services, including putting together buffets, creating specialty cakes to order and is happy to experiment to make sure your order is the best it can be. She is available for weddings, parties and any other functions. She does not have set prices, and as such the costs are inclusive of the specific needs of the customer. 

Pamela is hoping to transition to running Pam’s Place full time in 2022, so please support a fabulous local business, and get in early before she becomes swamped with orders. 

I was able to talk a little with Pamela, about why she started Pam’s Place, and the idea came when she was temping in an office, and was baking for the staff, and her friends. She discovered she had a passion for the work, and so Pam’s Place was born. She talked about how back when it started it was all run out of her mum’s kitchen, who even at the age of 74 was more than willing to pitch in to help her daughter with buffet orders, although she apparently drew the line at making lasagne at midnight. It has grown since then, and with your help in 2022 it can keep growing. 

If you are interested in Pam’s services then you can get in touch via Facebook or give them a call/text on 07928246644. 

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