Psychic Circle Oddities

Psychic Circle Oddities is a Los Angeles based business which was started in 2012 by owner and operator Suzy Berhow, who is more commonly known on the internet as Mortem3r. She is the host of KittyKatGaming, which we’ve talked about here on Off the Record before and you can click here and here to check that out. Psychic Circle Oddities is a one person business, which caters to those with a love for the unique, the mysterious, the macabre and the strange.

They have an incredible variety of items, from stickers and pins to adorn all over yourself and your property, to awesome clothes like shirts and hats. Right now I’m particularly taken with the Y Incision Sweater, and I think I’ll be ordering one for myself after Christmas. Oh and you should also check out the lifestyle section, Suzy’s badass sense of style that’s very much alternative is really reflected in the totally rad skateboards.

As well as so many amazing and genuinely cool items, the store is regularly updated and all the items sold in the store are unique and exclusive to the store, so you cannot find them anywhere else. I cannot recommend this store highly enough, not only are all of the items high quality, hand picked designs, but I’ve scarcely been able to find anyone who has anything bad to say, which is rare considering how negative the internet can be sometimes. 

Particularly exciting for me as I’m based in Scotland, but items in the store are available to international buyers. The only issues with that are that packages will take longer to get to you due to shipping and customs. And of course, Psychic Circle Oddities accepts no responsibility for any additional taxes or charges incurred due to shipping to your country. But both of these are standard and understandable for international sales and as such is not a problem. While I’m talking about shipping and related issues, thanks to Etsy, all orders are shipped in eco friendly packaging, and are carbon neutral. The orders not only support the environment as a result but also several items sold in the store have their net proceeds donated to charity, so keep an eye out for those, as you can also support charity as well as support a small business. 

I will be seeking some testimonials from happy customers over the next couple of days but anyone who sees this and wants to tell me what they bought, and what they thought either message me or drop a comment below.

If you want to keep up to date with suzy personally you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to them on YouTube at Meeperfish, Mortem3r and KittyKatGaming. If you want to check out Psychic Circle Oddities, you can visit the website, check out their Etsy or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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