Drink Review: Maison No. 9

Post Malone, first really came to my attention after the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, when I, like most of the population got absolutely obsessed with ‘Sunflower’ a track he released with rapper Swae Lee for the movie’s soundtrack. Since then I’ve kept my eye on the artist, and so in May 2020 when he launched his own line of French rosé wine I decided I’d check it out. Apparently, he named the wine after his favourite tarot card, the Nine of Swords.

Also, much like with the review of Kylie’s wine, which you can check out here, I felt weird reviewing Post Malone’s wine without first reviewing his music, especially since Off the Record started out and still primarily remains a music blog, so you can check that out here.

Maison No. 9
First off the bottle is really nice, aesthetically it really hits the mark, in fact Tori has asked that once I’ve finished my current bottle that I was it out and give them the bottle to keep.

In terms of the bouquet, it has a fresh, clean aroma that blends into a palatable sweetness that is all together very pleasant.

I will try to avoid comparing it to much to another wine, but as I am not a frequent wine drinker and I had this right off the bat of the Kylie wine I think some comparison is fair. In terms of taste, it has a more acidic body that Kylie’s rosé, it isn’t overly acidic though. It also has a tanginess that sort of offsets the acidic nature of the wine. Overall I found it to be very pleasant, with a surprisingly robust flavour and a good mouth feel.

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