Single Review: Minna Ora – Fire

Minna Ora is fearless as ever with ‘Fire’. It’s a song that exemplifies the Finnish singer’s ability to hold our attention from beginning to end, and it’s a testament to the years of dedication she has put into her music.

Minna recounts how she conquered cancer with honesty in her lyrics. It’s a touching narrative, but it will not make you sad or uneasy. Instead, it’s a captivating storey about overcoming the most difficult of circumstances, and Minna explains that anything is possible, even when life’s challenges feel insurmountable.

The entire track of ‘Fire’ is musically brilliant, with an indie-folk aura guiding the way forward. However, don’t expect it to sound like anything you’ve heard before, as Minna adds a fresh dimension to the popular style. She also opens up her creative box and digs deep into her producing realm, creating a new soundtrack for everyone to enjoy.

Speaking about the release, Minna said: “At the moment, the song” Fire” makes me feel immense gratitude about life and the fact that I’ve won the battle against cancer. The song was born just two weeks before I was diagnosed, and I knew right then that if I make it, I will record and publish the song. So publishing it feels like spiritually ridding myself of the baggage of that experience: the illness, and the journey toward full recovery. The song feels like trauma therapy and purification.”

This isn’t the first time we here at Off the Record have reviewed Minna, and you can check that out by clicking here. But for now why not check out this track over on Spotify, and make sure and follow the artist on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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