Restaurant Review – The Longhouse

This review is from a meal we had at The Longhouse, on Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock on Sunday 17th October 2021. Enjoy!

Starter –
Gambas Al Pil Pil
Tom: It is very sweet and has an almost syrupy consitency which blends well into the heat and savoury spice of the chilli and cayenne base. It has some really nice sized prawns in it which soaked up the flavouring really well but still had a solid flavour and consistency to them. It was really pleasant, it had a pleasant kick to it, and it was light enough to be a great appetiser.

Truffle Mushrooms
Tom: Now I’ve ordered this before so I already knew it was good but this was delicious. The mushrooms were well cooked and has a nice consistency, not too rubbery but a solid chew. The sauce is very creamy, and it is excellently complimented by the savoury mushroom flavours and when added on top of the bruschetta makes for a lovely bite to eat. I wasn’t sure at first if I liked the truffle flavour, but I’ve really came to enjoy the complex earthy richness and it really works for the dish.

Hoisin Duck Bao Buns
Tori: They were delicious. Really soft and bouncy. The hoisin sauce was really tasty, very savoury and balanced well with the meat and buns. The meat itself was tender and blended well with the whole dish. I would highly recommend.

Mains –
Fish and chips

Tom: So the fish tasted really nice, tender and cooked in a light batter. it came along with a tar tar sauce which elevated the dish even more. Something interesting to note is that it’s not one solid piece of fish but four or five battered segments. Each seemed to be cut from the thickest part of the fish so each one was nice and thick and added up to a very filling main course. The chips were tasty, decent sized and I decided to eat them in bites with the minted pea puree. It was very pleasant. Now I don’t claim to be a fish and chips expert, not like Dazza from BBC The Social but this was top notch, now the best fish and chips I’ve ever had was as The Wee Hurrie in Troon but this was a close second.

Cajun Chicken Burger
Tori: The seasoning on the burger was great, and had the right amount of spice, the Cajun mayo and pepper cheese add a lovely heat and creaminess to the burger creating a satisfying flavour medley. The chicken itself was nice and worked well with the various flavours.

Drinks –
In Bloom

Tom: So with a name like In Bloom I was expecting more distinctly fruity notes to this drink but despite having pear and lemon flavours blended in it’s not overly fruity. It has a pleasant sour note that blends out to an almost liquorice flavour. Overall it was tangy and very refreshing.

Staff/Service –
So we were seated promptly upon entry and served quickly after that, and the staff were attentive without intruding on the flow of our evening. The decor was attractive and the lighting and atmosphere of the establishment was perfect for a couple out on a date. I would like to specifically mention Carrie Laird an employee who always makes us feel welcome when we come in to eat at The Longhouse.

You can find The Longhouse on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure and give them a follow. You can also find them via their website by clicking here. This review was written by Tom Neil and Tori Anderson so click on one of those links to check out more from those authors.

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