Restaurant Review – Courtyard Cafe

This review is from a meal we had at the Courtyard Cafe, on King Street, Kilmarnock on Thursday 28th October 2021. Enjoy!

So we frequented this spot previously under its former management, when it was called iCafe, and you can read a review of that property here. We always enjoyed ourselves there and it seems like we will be having the same experience in Courtyard Cafe.

Mains –
Cheese and Ham Croissant

Tom: So anyone who has read my read my review of Nongshim Noodles Kimchi Ramyun Noodle Soup, which you can check out here you’ll know that I love incorporating croissants into my meals. So I like any place that as well as the more conventional rolls, toasties, paninis and baguettes also includes croissants as I love the buttery, flakey texture and flavour. So anyway, this was a solid menu item, it was savoury and the perfect thing to eat on a cold, wet Thursday afternoon. The cheese was nice and thickly cut, the soft cheddar melded well with the ham. Speaking of which, the ham was also a nice thick cut, with was flavourful and moist, without sogifying the croissant. Speaking of which, this had just the right amount of crunch, the fact it was toasted helped, but overall it was just a really nice snack. Also I appear to have lost the photos of the croissant on its own, so enjoy our overloaded table.

Chicago Pizza
Tom: As soon as I saw that they had the awesome Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza I knew I was getting it. I love these, and it was perfectly cooked, unlike when I make it at home where it ends up overcooked. It was crispy and flavourful.

Rollover Hotdog
Tori: I have something of a love affair with the Rollover Hotdog, which makes it so hard that it’s not as widely available as I’d like. I think the only place nearby before Courtyard Cafe opened that sold them was the Spar and so I will definitely be back to get more in the future. The bun was a little crispier than usually, most likely due to it not being steamed like the buns sold at the Spar. It was different but didn’t impact my enjoyment of the hotdog overall. It was just a really tasty treat that I would for sure get again.

Killie Pie
Tori: Speaking of personal favourites, they also serve the unbeatable Killie Pie, Thomas has actually just posted a review of the Killie Pie on it’s own which you can check out here. But for me, it’s always been a top tier treat of mine. I’ve lived in Kilmarnock most of my life and so I need to support the Killie Pie but honestly though it is great. This one was prepared quickly from the chiller and brought was just perfect.

Dessert –
Carrot Cake

Tom: So I like to try the carrot cake and a latte everywhere I go, firstly because I love a good piece of carrot cake and a latte, but also because they are a reasonable guage for the quality of a place. So the carrot cake at Courtyard Cafe was really creamy and sweet. Some carrot cake, especially those mass produced for shops tend to have a hard icing helmet, but this one is soft and moreish and blends well with the cake. It’s very fresh, not too stodgy and it has that homemade feel that I love. It’s also a very big slice so bring your appetite if you order it. Also we had another slight picture mishap, I ate the cake before taking a photo, so enjoy a photo of an empty plate. A sign of how good the cake was.

Lemon Drizzle Cake (With Pistachio)
Tom & Tori: This looked so good that we decided to share a piece. Now Tori has a nut allergy (just to peanuts but we like to be careful) so they could only have some of the bottom, but they loved the rich lemon cream in the middle layer. They said it was super tasty. I tried the whole thing, and it was delicious. The lemon was pronounced by not overwhelming. It was sweet but not cloyingingly so. The pistachio and the flower buds were really tasty and added a nice texture consistrency as well. The cake itself was really soft and moist. All together it was a really rich and enjoyably dessert.

Drinks –

Tom: So first off this has some really adorable latte art, which I always love and appreciate when an establishment takes the time to do it. The coffee itself was deep and very rich. I usually sweeten my coffee because I like a little sweetness in my life and I’m not some coffee snob who says it has to be consumed only one way. I mean my favourite coffee is still the Pumpkin Spice Latte, which Lilian Anderson reminds me of ever year when the Autumn season rolls around. But I decided not to sweeten it today and I’m glad I didn’t because it might have muted the robust flavour. It is a top notch latte for sure.

Bonus –
Nevis Coffee

Tom: So I’ve been making more of an effort to try more coffee lately, and so when I saw that Courtyard Cafe sold bags of coffee by an independent coffee suppliers I figured I would purchase it and try it for myself. It has a very strong, full bodied flavour. I added just a splash of milk and it was perfect. Good without any sugar. I would recommend you grab yourself a bag if you pop into the cafe yourself.

Staff/Service –
It has a small cosy feel, comfortable atmosphere and a lovely decor. A nice range of menu items and attentive staff.

You can find Courtyard Cafe on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure and give them a follow. This review was written by Tom Neil and Tori Anderson so click on one of those links to check out more from those authors.

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