Food Review: Sneak Energy (Various Flavours)

So I started seeing adverts for Sneak Energy about a year ago, no doubt because of the wide variety of energy drink reviews I’ve done on this site. But Sneak Energy looked really interesting, it was founded by Jonny Teeling in 2018, with the intention of creating a unique and healthy energy drink specifically targeted towards creators.

It was different from the start, because you had the option to purchase either a powdered formula you added to water or the more conventional cans. What I really liked about it was that it was packed full of caffeine but cut out the sugar meaning you aren’t just riding a sugar high you’ll crash from in a couple of hours. It means that the energy boost is cleaner and the drink itself is healthier. Add to that the fact that they’ve further enriched their formula with additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids it really does seem like a better substitute for my usual energy drinks. It also has a wide variety of flavours, something for every palate really. 

Over the course of a few orders I made the effort to try a wide variety of the flavours on offer, this included the powders and the cans. Plus I got a free Sneak shaker as well. So check out what I have to say below about Sneak Energy. 


Cherry Bomb
So this is very smooth and sweet, and it really doesa have that rougher cherry edge to it that hits the palate hard. It has the flavour depth I’ve come to associate with cherry too. This was the first one I tried and I was suprised by how flavourful it was despite the powder to water ratio. It’s clearly very concentrated and powerful.

Sour Apple
I think that the sour apple had the most muted flavour out of all of the powders, but since sour is already quite a pronounced flavour it sort of balances out. I guess they didn’t want it to be overpowering. It’s very sweet, with a pleasing tartness that I found really enjoyable. Sour apple is one of my favourite flavour profiles, right up there with Mango and Pineapple, and so I scrutinised this one more than some of the others, but it really does it justice because it’s so good.

Purple Storm
Wow, this is so flavourful. Just this heady, rich mixture of berry, this for sure takes one of the top spots in terms of my personal favourites. It reminds me of grapes and other fruits like blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries. It is very smooth and deep in flavour, a tartness offsets and blends well with the sweetness. I fully intend to buy more when I get a chance.

Strawberry Watermelon
This is so tasty, you can pick out the strawberry and watermelon flavours individually on your palate, before then blend together to make something that is even better. What I liked is that despite doing another Strawberry flavour, which I’ll talk more about in due course, the strawberry flavour is distinct while still being recongisably strawberry. Also I really like the watermelon in this, it has the quality of really good watermelon sweets.

Blue Raspberry
So this blended together tartness and sweetness very well. It’s super refreshing. Between this and Purple Storm it is clear that Sneak do berry flavours really well. I think this one will also stack highly on my list of personal favourites.

So this has lovely tropical notes which as I’ve discussed previously make up my favourite flavour profiles. I love the smooth, tangy sweetness. I thoroughly enjoyed this, although I felt, much like the sour apple that the flavour was more muted than I was expecting. I also tried the can, and found a distinct difference between them that I will discuss more below when talking about the can version specifically.

Neon Punch
This is sweet and sour and very punchy and flavourful. Unlike the Sour Apple which tempered its flavour a little this one kind of just goes wild and it really works for it. It is just packed full of flavour and I strongly suggest you get yourself this one if you are going to try any of them.

Raspberry Lemonade
This is so sweet, but it balanced it out by blending in a deep tart berry flavour that blends really well with the tangy lemonade to make something really good. It is right behind neon Punch in terms of flavour. Another one which I suggest you get in the taster pack.

Strawberry (Millions)
A sharp strawberry flavour, and wow does it taste like millions. I recently tried the millions soft drinks and this actually tastes more like the sweets than their own branded soft drink. It’s so sweet, almost cloying but not quite. Tasty and packed full of flavour, it tastes like liquid candy and it’s so enjoyable.

Bubblegum (Millions)
Very nice smell, and it hits you straight away. It’s so sweet, like incredibly sweet but still manages to not be cloying or overwhelming. Instead it’s just light and gets you salivating. It’s tingly and tasty and tart and oh so good. 


Blue Raspberry
So tart and sweet, very refreshing and light on the palate. I think the cans on the whole have a lighter flavour and feel than the powders, most likely because the powders feel more concentrated. But it’s still very tastesd and unlike other cans of energy drink this isn’t fizzy or packed full of sugar. Plus despite being lighter it’s still flavourful.

Strawberry Watermelon
So this is very light on the palate, it has an almost syrupy sweetness, so effervescent in quality that you are practically salivating as soon as it hits your tongue. It’s very smooth and has that distinct flavour hit of both the strawberry and watermelon. I think I liked the can version of this better than the powder.

Sweet and refreshing, and as a fan of tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, pineapple and guava I knew I was going to enjoy this even if I couldn’t exactly distinguish what flavours were in it. It was very light and airy on the palate while still being sweet and invigorating.

Purple Storm
So I enjoyed this the most out of the cans, I knew I liked the flavour from trying the powders but something about the unique flavour and mouth feel of this one made me want to try it again. In fact I bought an additional 12 cans in a subsequent order becase I liked them so much. Not only does it have a rich, pronounced flavour but it also has a sort of dryness to it which I really enjoyed.

If you want to grab some Sneak Energy for yourself then head on over to their website, and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show support and so you don’t miss the latest deals and information from Sneak. 

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