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So this article has been a long time coming and I can only blame my hectic schedule, but fortunately, it’s actually rather timely as the store in question is celebrating their anniversary. So Ayrshire Munchies opened on the 6th November 2020, they were originally located on Nelson Street, fortunately for Jordan Yates the owner and proprietor, the business has continued to expand, they outgrew their original property and on the 7th August 2021 they moved to their new place on Bank Street, where the subsequently rebranded as American Munchies.

So now we know a little about who and where, but what exactly does American Munchies do? As you may have been able to gather from the name, they import loads of delicious treats from America and from even farther afield. Tori and I have been frequent visitors to the store since shortly after it opened and I have a masterpost of my thoughts on various items they supply. Keep your eyes peeled because that will be going up really soon. In the meantime, I’m not the only person to have reviewed some of the wide range of products on offer, you can check out another one by clicking right here. Anyway, If you want to find out a little more about American Munchies then watch out because I’m planning on getting an interview with Jordan over the next week or so.

Okay, moving on let me show you the store:

Let’s start at the door and go from there.

Right off the bat you are treated to a broad selection of delectable treats, from coast to coast, that you want the most. They have Eggo brand cereal, that you’re guaranteed to not leggo of. Awesome candy like nerds, that you are guaranteed to nerd out over. Sour Patch kids, that are certainly sweet. Airheads, that you don’t need to be an airhead to enjoy. Swedish Fish, that are a real catch. And Mike & Ike’s which I don’t have any fun wordplay for, but happen to be my personal favourite so I was glad to see them. Those are just some of the amazing selections available.

Moving away from the door, make sure to say hello to Joe, who was nice enough to pose for us with the lovely 1st anniversary baloon.

Moving forward into the store, check out the shelf on the right where they have a lot of cool things including some awesome coffee and coffee supplies, I have just bought one of the flavours of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and I will get back to you very shortly with my opinion. As well as that you can get excited to try a Hostess Fruit Pie or a Moon Pie and of course some awesomely delicious pop tarts. Also brief side note, but do you or anyone you know actually toast pop tarts, because personally I think they taste a lot better cold. I have to limit my intake of peanuts because sadly Tori is allergic, but I suggest you live vicariously for me and load up on the great variety of delcious reese’s products. Oh, also the Twinkies are awesome, they might survive a nuclear apocalypse, but with how tasty they are they won’t stay on the shelves long enough for us to find out.

So they have a loads of sweets, but for anyone like myself who is more of a fan of savoury, they have a whole section dedicated to crisps and other savoury products like noodles. I can personally recommend the Takis which are actually a Mexican snack, but check out the masterpost I mentioned above for more on that. Also all three flavours of the Nissin Cup Noodles available are a must have, my personal favourite however was the shrimp flavour.

American Munchies is also home to loads of different soft drinks, something for everyone such as delicious energy drinks, including the really hard to get Krating Daeng, alternatively known as Taiwanese Red Bull or the Japanese Monster Energy M3 both of which are packed full of caffeine and offer an energy boost that you won’t really find with your conventional energy drinks. Those are some of my personal favourites but you can also try a whole variety of unique flavours of Cola, Pepsi and Fanta. There really is something for every taste and palate.

As well as the whopping selection of drinks on offer American Munchies has not one, not two but six different flavours of Jolly Rancher slush, sure to give you a brain freeze that you’re craving. The Jolly Rancher’s aren’t the only frozen treats on offer, because American Munchies have a lot of delicious goodies in their freezer right by the till.

If you are a fan of arcade machines then you’ll enjoy the awesome cabinets available in store including a classic Super Mario Bros pinball machine which is almost 30 years old. Also first chance I get I’m gonna get the high score on Street Fighter III so watch out!

So that’s us about done, let’s just have one quick look around before we see another happy customer make a transaction in American Munchies. And if you want to visit the store for yourself then you can find them on Bank Street in Kilmarnock town centre, and they are open Wednesday – Saturday from 12pm till 8pm, Sunday from 12pm to 6pm and they are closed Monday and Tuesday. You can visit their website by clicking here to see more of their available stock as well as prices and even order them right to your doorstep. Make sure and support the business by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Vending Machine
American Munchies has continued to grow steadily over the past few years, beginning as a lockdown business for Jordan, where he would deliver a variety of American snacks and treats to people. To securing their original store on Nelson Street, to moving to the larger property on Bank Street. It is clear that the business is primed for continued success and growth, the next stage of that process was introduced in Mid-August, as they opened their first American Munchies vending machine. The vending machine is located in the Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow, and can be found near the Five Guys and Stack & Still. It has a variety of fine American goods, and is regularly re-stocked to make sure customers can satisfy their craving. You can even pay by card to make the whole transaction quicker and easier. Oh and best of all, unlike most vending machines, you can select multiple items to put into your digital basket, and with the fancy touch screens it’s easy to see what’s on offer too.

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