EP Review: Tyler Blackburn – Find a Way

Tyler Blackburn is an American Actor and Singer, most notable for his role as Caleb Rivers on the Freeform series Pretty Little Liars (and its spin-off Ravenswood) and Alex Manes on the CW series Roswell, New Mexico. Today, I will be focusing more on his music career, so I’m going to be reviewing his EP ‘Find a Way’ which was released on 5th November 2013.

‘Open Your Eyes’ with a well balanced, guitar and percussion led instrumental backing, which blends into Tyler’s strong vocals, his voice is soft and melodic, but with a harder edge that really brings this track to life. It’s an energy filled and rocky opening to what I’m sure is going to be a superb EP.

‘I Wasn’t Meant For You’ changes things up, slower, with a softer piano led intro, and again I am just wowed by Blackburn’s rich and soulful voice. This track is impactful and just grips the listener from the get go. I tend to classify music in an odd way, like oh this is a power tune, meaning in my head it’d go perfectly for the fight scenes and hero moments I imagine we all daydream about, other songs are travelling music, because they are bittersweet and melancholic, perfect for introspection for when you’re just going some place. Other songs, like this one, are an experience, you just need to put on the track, sit back and just let it wash over you.

‘Find a Way’ opens with gentle guitar, backed up by a heavier, deeper percussive beat, both blending into one another, and we hear some more weighty vocals from Tyler. This track has a really nice energy to it, and it builds throughout. It also completely changes the game tonally compared to the previous two entries on this EP. A bold choice for right in the middle of the EP and one which really works.

‘All Comes Down To You’ is soft and slow again, a gentle guitar and what sounds to me like violin, adding a rich, textured quality to the overall track. And again I am just in love with Tyler’s voice, he hits high notes with grace, and just has impeccable control over his vocal register. I talked about it above a little, my weird song classifications, this track is travelling music because it’s so pure and deep it makes me think about going places and new experiences.

‘Hard to Forget (ft. Anabel Englund)’ again changes things up, leading off with a high energy track right off the back of the much slower previous song to really close things off with a big finish. This track features vocals by Anabel Englund, and her voice pairs well with Blackburn’s, especially during the harmonies. As predicted, this was a truly spectacular EP, I cannot imagine listening to it and not falling in love with it.

So that’s what I thought of Tyler Blackburn’s EP ‘Find a Way’ and you can purchase that for yourself over on Apple Music. While you’re at it, make sure and support the artist by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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