Single Review: Chord Overstreet – Homeland

Chord Overstreet - Homeland Artwork

Chord Overstreet is an American actor and musician, perhaps most well known for his role as Sam Evans on the Fox television series Glee. He is also the son of American country music singer and songwriter, Paul Overstreet. Today, I will be reviewing his debut single ‘Homeland’ which was released through Island Records and Safehouse Records on August 26th 2016.

‘Homeland’ opens with smooth, guitar notes which make up a backdrop to Overstreet’s powerful vocals. Being a huge fan of Glee I was already familiar with his vocal talents and had built up some good will for him as a person. But honestly, this track needs no good will to support it, it’s a phenomenal track from an artist already seasoned and clearly well practiced. This is amazing travelling music, it’s rich and emotive, expressive and deep and so it’s fantastic for when you are just going somewhere and need your own personal soundtrack. Anyway, I mentioned I already liked his voice, but this is a whole new side, perhaps because he’s not playing a character or perhaps because its his own material but whatever it is this track is really amazing.

So that’s what I thought of Chord Overstreet’s single ‘Homeland’ and if you want to check that out then head on over to Spotify. While you’re at it, make sure and support the artist by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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