Single Review: Final Void – Symphony Of Lies

Final Void - Symphony Of Lies Artwork

Hard-rock band Final Void are tearing up the industry with their new release, ‘Symphony Of Lies’. The single is from their highly commended new album ‘Visions Of Fear’, which was released this year and by heck does it bite!

Hailing from Finland, the group unleash melodic rock fused with metal, and they mean business from the first get-go. Furthermore, the guitars instantly propel out of the mix, and they grip to the drum rhythm ahead of a thought-proving vocal performance from frontman Tuomas Kotajärvi.

Tuomas’ vocals are not as gritty as initially expected given the colossal overture, but they still add weight to the mix. Also, he does delve deep at times, and many will compare him to James Hetfield from Metallica. Nevertheless, he does have a unique edge of his own, and he takes full advantage of his distinct technique as the track progresses. Moreover, his confidence rises in the concluding stages, and he bolsters his tone in the closing passage. 

Musically, the band hit hard, with each member adding their own novel quality to the compound. However, the guitar appears to get the majority of the focus. It is evident why; the guitar riffs are empowering, and the skill under the guitarist’s hood is remarkable. So much so, it will be no surprise to witness him leading the way forward, too, in the band’s follow up releases.

You can check the track out on Spotify, and make sure to support the band by visiting their website and following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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