Food Review: Plant-based Whopper (Burger King)

Plant-based Whopper (Burger King) Artwork

So I’ve already talked about Burger King in my review of the Vegan Royale so I’ll keep this brief, Burger King are an international fast food chain, who have been in operation since the 1950s, and are currently owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc, which is a Canadian-based multinational fast food holding company formed as a result of a 2014 merger between Burger King and Tim Hortons, which was later expanded to include Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc (formerly Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits).

I will be talking about Burger King’s plant based whopper, in American it’s the Impossible Burger, named for Impossible Foods, a California based company who made the plant-based patty. In the UK it is billed as the ‘Rebel Whopper’ and is made by The Vegetarian Butcher. Ostensibly however they are the same product, and are Burger King’s attempt at making a vegan version of their trademark burger, the Whopper. I should add however that Burger King got into some hot water because technically the plant-based Whopper can only be called Vegan friendly, as opposed to fully vegan, because despite being made of 100% plant based ingredients, it is cooked on the same grill as meat based and other non vegan products and so technically doesn’t qualify as fully vegan.

Plant-based Whopper
To be completely honest I have never been a huge fan of the Whopper, it’s not that I dislike them, they are quite tasty but I prefer a more low maintenance, easy to eat burger, it’s why I also don’t like the Big Mac, by their competitor McDonalds. Whoppers are awkward to eat on the go, which kind of defeats the purpose of fast food. I mean there was an entire marketing gimmick on behalf of Burger King about how you have to use two hands to eat a whopper, you can check out two examples of that, here and here. However you cannot deny that they are packed full of flavour and are incredibly filling. Okay, first off, the plant-based whopper has a faint meaty flavour that I’ve come to associate with crisps, like beef or BBQ flavour crisps. I quite liked it actually. The texture is solid enough, just like a conventional beef patty, and with the addition of lettuce and tomatoes, you not only get exactly the type of bite you’d expect from a burger, but a wonderful combination of flavours that’ll have you keep eating. It’s incredibly tasty, and the rich, creamy sauce counterpoints and compliments the meatiness. It honestly, looks, feels and tastes just like a conventional burger, but it also has this unique quality to the flavour that in my opinion adds a little depth to it overall.

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