Food Review: Irn Bru Energy

Irn Bru Energy Artwork

The regular readers of this blog might recognise that we’ve technically already done a review of Irn Bru energy, and that’s true but that was a comparison and so I felt it was about time I reviewed them both individually, besides I don’t like Irn Bru having to share coverage with Coca Cola so here we go.

First the obligatory, little bit about Irn Bru, it is one of the signature drinks produced by Scottish company A.G. Barr more commonly known as Barr’s. It is colloquially referred to as ‘Scotland’s Other National Drink’. In 2019 Barr decided to release an energy drink version of their classic drink, I’ve talked about it before in a comparison review, which you can check out here. But you can now check out what I thought of it on its own, in both its original and No Sugar versions.

First off this is just perfect cold, it kicks the ass of most energy drinks already but chilled. It’s just top notch. I love the blend of traditional Irn Bru flavours with the harder, more complex flavours of the caffeine. I joke around a lot about being addicted to energy drinks, and the sheer number of them that I’ve reviewed may lend some credence to that but honesty, it’s rich and flavourful, you get a nice hard hit of caffeine, enough to feel like it’s working and it’s made by Irn Bru who make all my favourite soft drinks. 

No sugar
This tastes lighter, not better or worse but not as heavy on the palate nor as effervescent. It’s solidly flavourful and I enjoy it but it’s not quite as good overall. To put it another way, I took a certain amount of pride when I was younger in being able to drink anything, except ginger beer of course, and couldn’t even really distinguish between regular and diet/sugar free versions of products but I could with a fair degree of accuracy tell this apart from its sugary counterpart. It’s still solidly tasty, and doesn’t skimp on the flavour when giving up the sugar. 

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