Food Review: Coca Cola Energy

Coca Cola Energy Artwork

Okay, so let’s start off with a little bit about Coca Cola, or rather the The Coca-Cola Company, they have been around in some form for nearly 130 years, and are named for their product, Coca Cola which has been available for over 130 years. I have technically already reviewed Coca Cola Energy, which is Coca Cola’s energy drink variant of their classic product. It was released to the UK market in 2019 (hitting North America and Canada in 2020) and you can check out what I had to say about it before by clicking here.

I decided that since I had the opportunity recently to try the Cherry variant of their Coca Cola Energy drink that I would do a standalone review of the product to go along with the comparison review I’ve already done.

Regular/Zero Sugar
So I found this flavour combo to be ideal, first you get the cool and refreshing taste of classic coke, and once that dissipates you get a nice hit of caffeine enriched flavours from the the energy drink part of the beverage. I’m also impressed how it tastes just as good chilled as it does at room temperature. I’ve tried another Cola flavoured energy drink before, by Boost Drinks, a British company set up in 2001 by Adam Hunter and Raith Mcniece. And while it is very tasty, and I’ll be reviewing that in the next couple of weeks, it just cannot beat the taste of those classic cola flavours. 

I prefer classic Coca Cola to Cherry, Tori B Bearly is the one to speak to if you want a real fan of cherry coke, but I dove in anyway. The cherry adds a scintillating sweetness to the overall medley. The cola still comes through, and together they mix well to create something that’s softer and sweeter than the original but just as moreish.

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