Food Review: Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (Tempo Tea Bar)

Tempo Tea Bar Photo

When I first heard of Butterfly Pea Flower through a YouTube video, my first thought was how cool it looked and wondered what made it react the way it does to citrus. My second thought was ‘magic, obviously.’

While that was quite a few years ago, I had the chance to finally try some of the tea last year thanks to Tempos October Subscription box, which made an incredibly pretty but still gooey looking sweet tea!

Since then, I had the remaining flowers hanging around looking pretty until recently when Tempo began selling their Butterfly Tea Flowers on Amazon and I realised that I can – and should! – try the tea on it’s own!

Tempo Tea Photo

The flowers themselves came in the cutest little corked bottle with the brewing instructions tied to the neck and the larger order from Amazon coming in a bigger glass jar with an embossed wooden jar and the instructions on the delivery box.

The brewing process is insanely easy. It’s just 5-6 of the little flowers into a glass, add hot water and let them steep for 5 minutes and you’re good to go. You don’t even necessarily need a strainer because the flowers are, well, flower sized, you can just scoop them out of your brew (but please don’t tell that to my drawer of fancy and funky tea strainers that I’ve bought/been given over the years).

The flowers brew a gorgeous dark, transparent blue but the true amazing part of this tea comes when you add some lemon juice to the tea and it transforms through pastel purple to a lilac tinged pink! While it doesn’t seem like a dramatic change, it’s so pretty to watch and so mesmerising that I have genuine trouble not adding too much lemon juice!

It’s not just lemon juice it changes with either, it’s any citrus of your choosing – lemon, lime, even orange!

The tea on it’s own is a lovely softly sweet – kind of similar to a chalky sweet without the sharp or sour taste. With lemon juice, it does add to the sweetness, closer to a lightly sweet lemonade. My personal favourite combination is a tiny splash of lemon (difficult when the changing colour is so pretty!), a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of rose water. Each element adds and enhances the tea without overpowering and strangling the tea’s natural flavour. 

While I’ve made it clear that I’m a HUGE fan of Tempo before (and you can check out my other review here) they also do a great job of ensuring the chain of supply for their products is the best it can be – both for the planet and for the products they’re selling so even though Butterfly Pea Flower isn’t exactly native to Scotland, I feel more confident ordering more from Tempo than anywhere else I’ve seen the flower being sold that it has been sustainably sourced, packaged and shipped.

In short, if I haven’t been obvious, I absolutely, 100% recommend the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea – it’s delicious and super cool to make and watch!

Tempo have also been kind enough to provide us with a discount code! If you order from the Tempo Tea Bar website you can use code TORI20 for 20% off of your total order!

If you would like to grab the product mentioned in this review for yourself, or for that matter anything offered by Tempo, then you can either visit their physical store in Glasgow, or purchase them online via their Shopify store. Make sure and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss any deals, new products and other fun things.

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