Single Review: Nobody – Daydreamer

Nobody - Daydreamer Artwork

‘Daydreamer’ is the latest release from Nobody, and it provides a utopian experience from the first second. It is a thought-provoking release with Nobody using words that evoke emotions with resonance.

The track opens with a reverberated synth hook with Nobody reaching for the microphone in quick succession. She instantly gets her message out, and the opening lines leave us clinging on for more: ‘Daydreamer, What Have You Done?’. It is a clever approach and a technique that many great writers leverage; why? Because we need to know how the story unfolds.

Her message is somewhat sketchy, though, as she progresses through the narrative. However, it appears that her daydreams are leading her somewhere she should not be? Potentially back to an ex-lover or someone who she knows she should not be around.

Cleverly, the track often stops and starts, and the structure does not follow a generic pattern. Furthermore, the arrangement is chill one moment, and the next, it is firing on all cylinders with the backing sounds jumping out of the mix like a jack in a box. It is a wise technique, given that it eliminates any predictability.

The vocals from Nobody are welcoming, and although a little more backing layers may have added more weight, she still stimulates the senses with her performance. Likewise, her message is authentic, and her ability to wear her heart on her sleeve pays off by giving the track a raw edge.

You can check the track out for yourself over on Spotify, and make sure to follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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