Single Review: Addison Grace – Party Killer

Addison Grace - Party Killer Artwork

Addison Grace is a singer/songwriter and I have Tori B Bearly to thank for introducing me to her music, speaking of which, this isn’t my first time reviewing her music either. You can click here to see what I had to say about some of her cover songs, and you can click here, here and here to see my reviews of some of her original tracks. Today though I will be reviewing her latest release ‘Party Killer’ which was out on March 21st 2021. 

‘Party Killer’ opens with overlapping voices, and soft guitar notes, the voices fall away to be replaced by just Addison. Her voice is truly spectacular, rich and emotive, soulful and honestly so beautiful. This song is melancholic and in the best way reminds me of Dodie Clark, that soulful and bittersweet innocence and freshness. Addison is a tremendous vocalist, whose voice isn’t just sincere and nice to listen to but powerful too. Especially during the middle part the guitars pick up and intensify, as do the other instrumental components, the intensity meshes well with Addison who is also fighting with it vocally. I truly loved this song, and I have no doubts that anyone listening to it will too. 

So that’s what I thought of Addison Grace’s single ‘Party Killer’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. If you want to support the artist then you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or you can donate to their Ko-Fi

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