Single Review: Ivan Makvel – How You Make Me Feel

Ivan Makvel - How You Make Me Feel Artwork

Italian songwriter and producer Ivan Makvel gets the electronic funk followed by the barrel load with his new album, and one of the gems which stands out like a beacon is ‘How You Make Me Feel’.

‘How You Make Me Feel’ is an honest expression about someone whom Ivan cherishes the most. Furthermore, he gets his direct message across with no ambiguity. Although the vocals get somewhat lost in robotic effect, they still prove prevalent with a storyline many will find relatable.

Musically, Ivan pulls out all of the stops with this one. Moreover, he unleashes many sounds, and it gives the track a constant rush of energy. It is a technique many electronic funk producers carry out, but it has not worked quite as well as it does here for some time. Furthermore, Ivan appears to take influence from the artists at the top of the game, and he uses similar trickery, but he stands firmly on his own two feet, and his unique ability is evident.

There are many highlights to this release, but one of the most compelling attributes is the refrain’s catchy hook. It is contagious with its likeability, and it is tough to shake it off once it is lodged deep inside the mind. Nevertheless, many will be happy to keep this one close, given that it gives a feel-good, upbeat sentiment which we all need in our lives right about now.

You can check out the track over on Spotify, and support the artist over on Facebook and Instagram.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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