Author Interview: Huda Arshad

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First off, tell me about yourself?
I am Huda Arshad, from Bahawalpur Pakistan, I am 15-years-old and I am the author of the book A Deep Ocean. I am also the Founder and CEO of an e-magazine called Let’s Pen Down, in addition to being a scientific researcher.

Tell me about some other authors that you particularly enjoy?
I have enjoyed the books of Najwa Zebian such as Mind Platter or Nectar of pain. I have also enjoyed the books of Khaleed Hosseni. In Mind platter, Najwa wrote everything so beautifully, her motivational and healing power is so good! The novels of Khaled Hosseini are also great! I like these two authors particularly.

What made you want to become a writer?
I have been a writer since childhood. I am thankful to Allah that he has blessed me with the power of the pen. I have wrote various different stories since the age of 8. I have continued my writings and I am now I a published author!

Next, please tell me about your book ‘A Deep Ocean’. What’s it about, when and why did you write it and how has the reception for the book been so far?
My book, A deep Ocean was published in October 2020 in Rawalpindi Pakistan by Auraq Publications. The name of the book speaks volumes, as if it’s a novel or a piece of fiction. But it isn’t. It’s all about motivations and inspirations, dealing with calamities, difficulties of life and making connections with Allah.

Reviews of my book have been positive, people are appreciative and that makes me glad. Ratings of my book are 4.7 yet Allhamdulillah.

Where can potential fans find your book?
My book is available on the official website of Auraq Publications. Readers and fans can order my book from here.

If you could sum up your book in a tweet length pitch what would it be?
Frustrations, mental pain and depression are a part of life. It affects everyone differently. There are ways to get rid of it. This planet and all of us are temporary. There’s a day of resurrection. Dealing with obstacles, anxieties. Deep thoughts and deep motivations. My thoughts etc. This is what I wrote in my book.

How did you go about getting your book published, and now that it is, would you do anything different?
I searched for publication companies for my book to get published from. I found a lot in my country. But some trusted folks told me about Auraq. I published my book from them and I feel proud to be an Auraq author. I strongly recommend this company to every writer in Pakistan if they are looking for their book to get published. They have supportive behaviour. And yes I have completed my next novel. I will publish it after exams. My exams are next month and in that rush it’s impossible for me to publish a book. Will do it at the earliest possible for me.

Next, what is Let’s Pen Down, why did you create the platform, what if any plans do you have for it in the future and how do people get involved if they are interested?
Let’s pen down, abbreviated as LPD is basically a free platform for young writers all over Pakistan. It’s an e-mag. We’re completely based on supporting the youngsters, mainly writers. It’s a non profit organization. In the future I will convert it into a hard form magazine by opening its branches in different cities. I will extend it and make it as broad as I can.

Writers can email us their work, they can visit our website or follow us on Twitter and Instagram to know more about us.

You mentioned in our initial discussion that you are a scientific researcher, can you tell me a little more about that, and how it connects with or impacts your other writing work?
I have an interest in the field of science especially maths and physics. I do scientific research on different topics by collecting knowledge of experienced and well known scientists and then writing it in my own easy wordings so that everybody can understand it. I like knowing about enigmas and collecting knowledge regarding them. I am working on my new initiative Scientific Highway that will be about research on science.

Lastly, feel free to share links to your social media so that potential fans can find you?
Yes sure. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram or by visiting my website.

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