Single Review: Roberto Bates – Fire Walk With Me

Roberto Bates - Fire Walk With Me Artwork

German producer Roberto Bates hits the ball out of the park with his new release, ‘Fire Walk With Me’. It is an EDM anthem that sees the producer collaborate with the female vocal power force, VIOLA.

It starts with a nostalgic opener with an 80s dance groove leading the way. VIOLA then rises out of the mix with omnipotence, and she takes no prisoners with her top-class performance. She is delightful, and her majestic harmonies echo around the compound with flavoursome essence.

Lyrically, VIOLA sings a meaningful message of losing something or somebody. Her passion is evident, and she pierces the heartstring with her conspicuous approach. Also, the music which Roberto brings to the forefront of the genre is stimulating. He takes hints from the greats decades previous, but he also stays loyal to the modern scene with an approach that is not unusual in the current game. Nevertheless, he adds unique elements, which keeps him high up on the fresh radar.

Overall, ‘Fire Walk With Me’ arrives at the perfect time. It has a summer and feel-good vibe, and even despite the nail-biting wordplay, it still brings joy. Nevertheless, it is an emotional rollercoaster with one minute feeling on top of the world and then feeling sentimental with the harmonically-rich tones hitting home. Additionally, the music quenches the thirst with a soundscape that will make it into the history books for sure.

You can check out Roberto Bates single ‘Fire Walk With Me’ over on Spotify, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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