Single Review: M Pike – Worthy

M Pike Worthy Artwork

An artist who is grabbing attention from many at the moment is M Pike. He is fresh on the scene with a new pop-rock track, ‘Worthy’, and it is a compound of many genres fused into one.

Cleverly written, ‘Worthy’ purrs like a cat from the first second. It opens with a guitar lead which could cut through glass with its sharp quality. Also, an archaic bass riff pushes the way forward ahead of M Pikes vocal. M Pike gets underway with a fearless delivery, and he builds up his confidence as the track plays through.

Furthermore, he opens with a relatively softly-spoken performance, but he picks up massively and quickly. As a result, once the chorus hits, M Pike gives his all and cements himself deep into the mix with his tone captivating. Also, the ‘tap your feet’ rhythm proves infallible, with the cadence wandering off into a unique space. It is nothing complex, but it works well by focusing on a style that is not familiar in modern times.

As the track progresses, we witness M Pike bringing out his more edgy rock influence with a thunderous latter which smashes through with bite! It is a similar approach to 30 Seconds To Mars, with the track starting relatively chill and serene before becoming a stadium anthem. Mind you; the drums lack a bit of punch when the rest of the instruments take a step forward; maybe more attention to the drums could have been advantageous.

You can check out M Pike’s single ‘Worthy’ over on Spotify, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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