Single Review: Josiah Mortimer – This Town

Josiah Mortimer - This Town Artwork

Josiah Mortimer’s ‘This Town’ is out now and the Brixton acoustic singer is giving all funds generated to UK charity FareShare, which you are welcome to donate to via this link. The charity is working to solve hunger problems in the UK, and each stream and download will help feed the most vulnerable. 

‘This Town’ echoes relevancy from the first second. It mirrors what the world has been witnessing over the last year, and it does a sterling job at painting a clear picture of how the world looks currently. Josiah expresses how towns are a wasteland. Although they are unusual to look at without countless swarms of people, there is some beauty there with Josiah explaining how majestic they look.

Vocally, Josiah is a radiant beam that takes influence but brings something fresh to the forefront of this music style. He has an unconventional singing approach, and he oscillates between pop, indie and folk with a trajectory which stands out. Additionally, his lyricism proves that he is not just a potent songwriter but also a compelling storyteller too.

Musically, the acoustic guitar jolts with unique charm. It has a warm aura, and it gives the entire piece a foundation which is challenging to forget. Also, the innovative and creative strumming pattern which Josiah adopts here keeps the flow moving forward with a driving rhythm which at no point becomes repetitive or monotonous. Instead, the energy and passion leak out of the mix. It creates a memory, not of the terrible times we have witnessed, but one of honour in human nature and the bold and positive efforts that so many have delivered recently will not go unforgotten.

You can check out the track on Bandcamp, and please consider purchasing the track to help with the fundraising. Also while you’re at it support the artist by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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