Single Review: Zipten – Midnight Walk

Zipten - Midnight Walk Artwork

‘Midnight Walk’ is the latest offering from innovative Italian producer, Zipten. Similar to his previous releases, Zipten fires home with conviction, and he takes us on a journey from the get-go.

Musically, ‘Midnight Walk’ is a concoction of nostalgic hooks with a futuristic vibe—quite the paradox but an interesting progression all the same. I relish the original approach which Zipten has gone with here, and he leaves an indent from the very start. Furthermore, it kicks off with a driving beat rhythm and a thumping bass melody which grips with subsonic effect.  A melodic sample then echoes out with a saxophone lead giving the overture even more weight. After the intro section, Zipten opens up his imagination even further, and he introduces a mix of new sounds, yet the dreamy vision never leaves us. 

So, is this the best track to make its way out of Zipten’s studio? For me, it is certainly up there with his most reputable hits. Why? Because it comes in a different light and it leads Zipten into 2021 with distinction. However, there are many ways in which Zipten can still improve as a producer, especially if he wants to top an official chart anytime soon. Furthermore, I want to hear Zipten introduce a vocal sample into his mixes. For me, I believe that his tracks would be perfectly suited to a powerful vocal performance. 

Nevertheless, the producer is becoming known for his chilled out instrumental deliveries. Therefore it does not surprise me to discover that he stays well away from the vocal once again. Mind you, could this be the secret ingredient which he is missing? Only time will tell, but he will not be the first producer who brings a vocalist in and then suddenly sets off on the path to stardom.

You can check out the track on Spotify and go ahead and follow the artist on Twitter and Instagram, or visit their website. While you’re at it, make sure and check out our reviews of two of his previous reviews, ‘Cube Escape’ and ‘Volcano Sunset’.

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