Single Review: BeckMilli – Gotham

BeckMilli - Gotham Artwork

BeckMilli is back with a new gem, ‘Gotham’. Her release arrives when UK hip hop is flying high, and the rapper cements her name deep into the modern songbook. 

Taking hints from Wiley and Skepta, the rapper still brings a new approach to the scene and her ability to smash with no dissonance proves captivating. Also, she speaks for her hometown, London, with her hitting home with memorable poetry. I relish how she sings with integrity, and she wants to break away from the mould with a sound that will undoubtedly take her far in this business. 

As the track progresses, BeckMilli glides through the airwaves with a manner which is unique to herself. Her tone brings warmth to the mix, and it needs this given the cold and harrowing vibe which rises out from the instrumental. Nevertheless, a little more harmonies along the way and some extra vocal layers could have worked even better. Mind you; if the intention is to keep all the focus on her words, it works well.

Overall, ‘Gotham’ proves that BeckMilli has a skill, and she is leveraging it here. However, I would enjoy hearing more from her musically, it has an arrangement which rarely changes, and many may argue that it becomes a little repetitive. Nevertheless, her dark and post-grime vibes do flow well with her melodies, keeping the excitement flowing. 

You can check that track out on Spotify, and make sure to follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and visit their website.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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