Top 10: BBC The Social Creators

Top 10 - BBC The Social Creators

The Social is a project developed by the BBC to give young Scottish voices a platform. They aim to support content creators across a variety of subjects including comedy, music, gaming and life issues. They are based in Glasgow but encourage and develop new creative talent from all across Scotland. 

So that’s just a little bit about what BBC The Social is just in case you didn’t know, now to why we are beee today, I thought it was about time I picked my top 10 creators on the platform, and trust me this was incredibly difficult as there are a lot of talented people on here but in the end I managed it and you can check that out below. 

1. Zarah Hill
Zarah takes the top spot because they are incredibly funny, and their content has good energy to it, it never really falls flat. In addition their content is surprisingly diverse, in particular I’ve enjoyed the Cooking For Mugs (where Zarah prepares meals in cups) series they’ve been doing and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing more of the Ranked series (where she ranks a variety of the same type of item, for example Pizza) as well. 

2. Sarah Grant
Sarah Grant is not only a very talented writer but with their Social content manages to create content that’s either funny, makes you think or both. I can’t think of a video of theirs that I haven’t enjoyed and I hope they continue to make more. 

3. Natalie Erskine
Not only do they do really engaging and fun comedy but also they have a very clear personality that shines through and makes things that little bit better because of it. It’s also very grounded in real life situations as you’ll see in these clips here and here

4. Nicki Paton-Bell
Much like Natalie above, you get such a clear sense of Nicki’s personality from her videos, you engage with it and it’s part of what makes her videos so enjoyable. They also work well together as this video will show you. Her comedy just really works on a fundamental level and is relatable for lots of people, like this clip here

5. Charlie Parker
Makes great sketches, he has this great vibe he brings to the characters he creates that just make me laugh. For example, this was the first video I ever saw of his, and it has a fairly simple premise but it’s also undeniably funny and a large part of that is because of how he handles himself in the clip, his specific choice that makes it funny. 

6. Amanda Calley
Has made some incredibly interesting videos on Black history, racism and inclusivity, I was particularly interested in their video for Christmas, which you can check out here. I strongly suggest you watch all of her videos however as she deals with important issues, and is clearly very passionate about it as well. 

7. Andy McDonald
As a lifelong video game fanatic I knew Andy was going to appear on this list. And yeah as you can probably tell from that intro Andy has made some really fun and engaging video game based content for The Social, you can check out two of my particular favourite here and here

8. Kris and Dave
The only duo on this list but for that you get double the fun. They are an excellent comedy team that make great homegrown content. I particularly enjoy the segments with Janet, Scotland’s Gran but if you check out their stuff you won’t be disappointed no matter what you watch. 

9. Ben Clarke
Another strong entry for video game related content, I like Ben’s style and I strongly urge you to check out his videos. I particularly liked his video on Sonic Games which you can check out here

10. Dazza
There are many great content creators on this list but this man I think I have the most respect for, because of his series Get Battered, where he tries to find Scotland’s best chippy. But on top of that he’s legitimately really funny and you won’t regret watching his stuff. 

So those were my Top 10 BBC The Social creators and if you want to check them out for yourself and find some favourites of your own then visit the website or their YouTube channel. Make sure and keep up to date with The Social by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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